Shopping addiction is when you tend to spend too much money at the mall or online that you end up in a financial hurdle with no clue how to stop. Part of the reason why shopping addiction is fueled is because of the advertisements to sales you do not want to miss. By being aware of what these sales are doing to you, you can learn over time to ignore them and use them when you most need them instead of when you want them.

How Do Time Limits Fuel Shopping Addiction?

Time limits are designed to insight panic into you. You want to be able to buy that product that is on sale or use that coupon before it expires. You do not want to miss your chance and wait until the price goes back up. If you ever feel pressured by a time limit, tell yourself that you need to slow down. Ask yourself if you really need to buy this product or if you can leave the store and not feel guilty for leaving it behind. Also, make sure that if you really need to have it that you can return it in case you realize that you bought this item on a whim and that you change your mind.

How Do BOGO Deals Fuel Shopping Addiction?

Buy one, get one discount deals can make you feel like you are spending less when you are actually spending more. Let’s say that you decided to go to the mall to spend money on a dress. You see on the tag that it says buy two, get the third one half off. You only intended to buy one dress and you end up leaving with three because of the sale. You think you are saving when you are actually spending more. You should decide how many dresses you actually need and if you will come across many situations in the near future where you will be wearing them.

How Do Rebates Fuel Shopping Addiction?

Rebates are promotions such as “spend $50 now, get $25 off on your next visit.” This is basically ordering you to spend a lot of money in hopes of saving on your next visit. Tell yourself how much you are willing to spend today and stick with it. Being aware of the tricks these ads place on you will prevent you from overspending. 

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