Being in recovery from alcoholism may be hard for your social circle to understand if they drink without there being a problem. They may make you feel like a fish out of water when you refuse a drink. By taking a stance and letting others know how important your goal is to abstain from alcohol, you are in control of your recovery. 

You Don’t Drink At All?

You may have friends that are so accustomed to drinking alcohol themselves that they cannot picture others who do not want to. To them, it would seem impossible to never touch alcohol whether it is part of a meal or during down time. You should let your friends know that it is possible to live your life without alcohol. That it is more important to hydrate yourself with a bottle of water than a bottle of wine or beer.

What Do You Do on the Weekend If You Do Not Drink?

There are plenty of fun things to do on a sober weekend. You can go out to dinner without ordering a drink. You can also go to a movie in the pleasure of popcorn, candy, and what is shown on the screen in front of you. You can also go on a nature walk or go to the beach and just enjoy your surroundings. The weekend does not have to equal getting drunk at the club or your friend’s house. It can be to enjoy yourself and the company you are with without alcohol taking energy away from you.

Not Even One Drink?

Even having just one drink can ruin your recovery. One drink can lead to many drinks when you remember what it tastes like and how it affects you. Everyone’s alcohol tolerance is different so one drink depending on what is in it can make you sick. If you can feel that one drink is not a good idea for you, trust your instincts.

So How Come You Are Not Drinking?

The reason for why are not drinking is for you to say when you are ready. You do not have to let others know you are in recovery if you are not comfortable saying so yet. Or maybe you do not drink because you do not like the taste or you get sick easily. Do not let anyone pressure you to drink and stick towards your goal of recovery.

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