Avoidant personality disorder is when people avoid intimate and social contact with others out of fear of rejection or harsh judgment. It can be hard for them to work jobs that involve a lot of social interaction. Luckily, there are many jobs for people with avoidant personality disorder that will give them the opportunity to show off their skills and be comfortable.

Animal Care and Service Workers

This type of career will let you work alone and with animals who cannot criticize or judge. You can be a groomer, pet sitter, kennel attendant, animal trainer, and more. They are usually responsible for caring for animals like feeding, exercising, and grooming them. Animal care and service workers also see any signs of illness or injury to animals and may need to clean up their living spaces. All you need is a high school diploma and experience working with animals.


There are some editors who work at home and have minimal interactions except for speaking to writers about any corrections they need to make on their work. People with the disorder may enjoy editing written works with proper grammar and punctuation. People will hardly criticize you as you are supposed to be the leader of your team. Editors may also like helping writers develop ideas, check for accuracy, and approve final drafts for publication. You need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree and experience as a writer and proofreader.

APD is tricky and for as important a job is, treatment is needed too!

Alta Loma is here to help diagnose and treat your Personality Disorder


There are historians that have flexible schedules and are independent workers. They usually base their research on historical documents and other sources about a particular time period, event, or person. Historians with avoidant personality disorder may want to publish their findings as books or articles instead of presenting their work to the public through museums or educational programs. You need to have at least a Master’s degree or Bachelor’s.

Computer Programmers

Many computer programmers work at home and the codes they write either do or do not work, leaving minimal room for criticism. Programmers create codes for computer applications or programs, test the codes, and fix any mistakes. You normally need to have a Bachelor’s degree or sometimes an Associate’s degree. Any of these careers would be perfect for those with avoidant personality disorder. These jobs can allow you to use your gifts without worrying about social interaction as well as not letting avoidant personality disorder interfere with your life.

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