The World Health Organization states that more than 264 million people are struggling with depression worldwide. With such a prevalence, that means there is a good chance you may know someone struggling with this mental health disorder. If you are trying to comfort someone with depression, it is important to know what not to say to them to avoid hurting their feelings or making the problem worse.

“It is All in Your Head”

Depression is a mental health disorder like any other. If you make someone feel like they are imagining their pain, this can create the stigma that what they are feeling is not valid. If their struggle isn’t real to you, they may not feel the need to seek treatment.

People with mental health disorders are also prone to feel like there is something incredibly wrong with them. As a loved one, reassure them that what they are going through is a struggle shared by many, that their feelings are valid, and that there are treatment options available. Let your loved ones know you are there whenever they need someone to talk to.

“Be Positive”

If treating depression was as simple as thinking happy thoughts, no one would be struggling right now. Treating depression involves several tools to get someone through a tough time like therapy, medication, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, and more.

For some, they can only have a positive outlook once they train themselves how to do that or once the chemical imbalance in their brain is treated with medication. Telling someone just to be positive is belittling the pain they are in. Instead of telling someone to be positive, just let them know how much you care.

“You Are Not the Only One With Problems”

Someone who has depression is already feeling terrible. Making them feel like their problems are not important will allow them to feel inferior. You should instead let your loved one talk to you about their problems and just listen.

If they ask you for help, you can break down their problems, so they do not seem overwhelming. Breaking down each concern they have will help clear their mind. If someone is not ready to speak, do not push it. Depression is never something to mock. If your loved one is coming to you about their depression, practicing compassion and understanding will make a difference in their mental health.

If someone comes to you with concerns about their depression, you never want to tell them something that belittles it. It is never easy to tell someone you are in pain. It is essential never to make someone feel like their problems are easy to solve or that their pain is not real. At Alta Loma, we understand the pain depression can bring, and we are here to help you. Our transformative treatment center in Georgetown, Texas, can offer you individualized therapy, coping skills, education, residential treatment, and much more. Call us at (866) 457-3843 for more information.