Drinking too much alcohol the night before can cause you to feel woozy, less productive, and in a bad mood when you wake up in the morning. The same can be said for marijuana. Learning about the symptoms of a weed hangover will teach you about what excessive weed use can do to you the morning after.

Why Do Headaches Happen From a Weed Hangover?

Dr. Jordan Tishler, MD, says that headaches can occur from a weed hangover if you do not stay hydrated before, during, or after consuming cannabis. Feeling dehydrated can cause you to suffer a headache the next morning. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after.

Why Does Brain Fog Happen From a Weed Hangover?

Marijuana has a way of slowing down your perception of time and messes with your brain and short-term memory when used long-term. A 2017 study showed that the effects of medical cannabis of people with chronic pain felt symptoms of brain fog in the morning. If you stayed up late getting high, you probably sacrificed a few hours to do so. The best cure for brain fog is to go outside and exercise. Go for a long walk or run and then cool down with yoga. Your brain fog may not go away completely, but you will feel more sharper and alert later.

Why Does Dehydration Happen From a Weed Hangover?

You may have already been dehydrated when you were smoking weed or you did not remember to drink water while you were smoking. Dehydration is an easy thing to avoid. Make sure when you wake up the next morning to drink a lot of water and eat water-rich fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Why Does Fatigue Happen From a Weed Hangover?

Your high can be ruining the quality of sleep if you consume cannabis before you go to bed. This will cause you to feel fatigued the morning after smoking. The best way to cure fatigue is to get lots of sleep and to treat your body well throughout the day. This means eating healthy foods, going for a long walk, and to abstain from weed. If you are experiencing a weed hangover, it is most likely you are using too much cannabis on a daily basis. It is important to always be cautious about the substances you are smoking and to take care of your body.

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