Depression has a tendency to make you do things that may upset others through no fault of your own. It can mean that you have not connected with loved ones or have lashed out at others. By being aware of behaviors that have been off-putting to people, you can speak to your therapist about them and prevent your depression from disconnecting yourself from others.

How Can I Avoid Cancelling Plans?

It is possible that you are constantly canceling plans with friends. It could be because you are having trouble getting out of bed or you feel like your depression will spoil the fun. Instead of canceling on your friends, you should be honest with them and tell them you are not in the mood to hang out. If you let them know you are going through a tough time, they may be able to cheer you up and get you in the mood to join them. You can also try to keep your company small if you feel like it will be overwhelming with many people. Limit your hangouts to one friend, for now, to see if it makes a difference.

How Can I Avoid Ignoring Loved Ones?

Depression may make you not answer calls or texts because you are in too low of a mood to have a conversation with someone right now. You may want to reach out but it is really hard for you to do that. This is exactly what you need to tell your friends so that they do not think you are mad at them. If your friend calls, let them know that you are not in a good mood right now and you would prefer to call back when you are ready.

How Can I Avoid Lashing Out?

Depression can be so overwhelming that you have probably insulted or yelled at someone impulsively. It can happen if several people are talking at once that you cannot hear yourself think. The best thing to do is go into a room by yourself and do deep breathing whether it is in the bathroom or the car. You can also speak to a therapist during your next therapy session about the struggles you are facing with connecting with your friends. By being honest with your friends about your depression and trying your best to connect with them, you are helping yourself brave through your depressive symptoms. 

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