It is natural for some people to feel like a failure or have low self-esteem. It is another thing if these feelings of inferiority take over your life and make it hard to function. It is important to go to treatment if you are suffering from an inferiority complex so you can learn that it is human to make mistakes and not to hold them against you forever.

What is the Definition of an Inferiority Complex?

The American Psychological Association says an inferiority complex is “a basic feeling of inadequacy and insecurity, deriving from actual or imagined physical or psychological deficiency.” This is the opposite of a superiority complex where you overestimate yourself. Ironically, superiority complexes exist because you truly feel inferior and feel the need to overcompensate. 

What are the Symptoms of an Inferiority Complex?

Having an inferiority complex is when you are consumed with strong feelings of low self-esteem or a negative self-image. You may feel like you cannot reach your goals, want to give up easily, feeling down on yourself, or experiencing anxiety and depression. You may also be sensitive to criticism and may constantly find fault in others to make your faults not seem so bad.

How Can Therapy Help Treat an Inferiority Complex?

Your therapist can help you explore your past experiences with criticism, low self-esteem, or any other issues that have contributed to negative feelings about yourself. You can talk about any damaging thought patterns and brainstorm how to reshape your self-image and self-confidence. It may not be an easy path to take a look at the origins of your inferiority complex, but therapy is a great place to help yourself feel more confident again.

How Can Meditation and Journaling Help Treat an Inferiority Complex?

Meditation and journaling can help you better understand the thought patterns surrounding your self-image. This can help you work towards a healthier and positive mindset. Reading your thoughts on paper can show you how you see yourself. Meditation can help you focus on the present moment instead of your troubling thoughts. It is important to remember that having an inferiority complex is something you can break free from. Everyone deserves to feel confident and happy about themselves. Knocking other people down for their accomplishments will not help you. Treating your inferiority complex will help you love yourself the way others do.

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