Hangxiety is the link between anxiety and having a hangover. This can mean when you are experiencing anxiety during a hangover where you are worried about anything you did under the influence that you regret or trying to remember the evening. By going into treatment for alcoholism, you can avoid experiencing the anxiety of feeling regret for any actions you did not mean to do.

How Can Alcohol Make Your Anxiety Symptoms Worse?

Drinking causes an increase of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) which causes you to be relaxed and calm. When you stop drinking, you experience withdrawal where your body has gotten used to feeling calm. If you take that away, your anxiety will follow and get worse if you are unable to sleep.

Who Can Experience Hangxiety?

If you already suffer from anxiety or depression, experiencing a hangover can make those symptoms worse. Even though alcohol can subside feelings of anxiety while drinking, there is a rebound effect that can make your anxiety be far worse than your normal symptoms. Unfortunately, experiencing those uncomfortable emotions can make us feel like we are not drinking enough alcohol to mask those feelings, making you drink more and more.

How Do You Know If Your Anxiety Indicates Alcoholism?

Many people suffering from alcoholism use alcohol as a tool to get rid of unwanted emotions. Using alcohol as a method to self-medicate their anxiety is a sign of alcoholism. It becomes a vicious cycle where you drink, gets anxious, and then continue to drink. When you experience withdrawal symptoms like shakiness, sweatiness, or uninterrupted sleep, it means that your body has become too used to alcohol and is telling your body it needs it to survive.

How Do You Avoid Hangxiety?

If you regularly experience hangxiety after a night of drinking, speak to your primary care provider. Your doctor can recommend various treatment methods for you such as various forms of therapy and medications for alcohol use disorder or anxiety. The best way to avoid hangxiety is to stop drinking. If your loved ones are telling you that they notice your drinking habits are becoming extreme, listen to them. Think about how you are feeling when you are done drinking and if these are feelings you want to keep experiencing over and over again. By taking control of your drinking habits, you are taking control of your anxiety and can wake up happy. 

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