When we hear of things like a pandemic, murder hornets, racial riots, and other terrifying life aspects, we get scared. We picture being negatively impacted by these events before they even happen. This is called pre-traumatic stress disorder. If you are experiencing pre-traumatic stress disorder during this time, it is important to seek help now to help ease your worries.

Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder vs. PTSD

PTSD normally occurs with events that have already been experienced. If you have been a survivor of a traumatizing event, you may have nightmares about the event or feel cautious over surrounding triggers. Pre-traumatic stress, on the other hand, is when you experience these same symptoms before the event has even happened. During this pandemic, people are constantly faced with the news of what is happening, which can cause them to worry that the same thing might happen to them. When they hear of people being sick or dying as a result of this virus, they get scared for themselves and their loved ones. This can make it hard to function in your everyday life. This mental illness may not be recognized in the DSM-5, but it is still very real and serious.

Examples of Pre-Traumatic Stress in Studies

One study at John Hopkins University showed that people were experiencing pre-traumatic stress regarding climate change. Another study by David Rubin, PhD, studied Danish soldiers being deployed to Afghanistan. They were anticipating what was to come before the war started. They also experienced these symptoms again after returning from the war, anticipating what could happen to them on their next tour. Pre-traumatic stress can also occur outside of war, such as the thought of going home for the holidays if you have had bad childhood experiences.

When It Is More Than Everyday Worries

If these worries and fears are all-consuming and make it hard to function, it is time to seek help from a professional. There are online support groups you can reach out to, as well as other telehealth options. You can also control how much of the news you are consuming by limiting how much time you spend scrolling through your social media feeds or watching the news. Talk to your family and friends about your worries, as they may be feeling the same. Seeking help for your pre-traumatic stress can help you find control during this uncertain time.

Pre-traumatic stress can take over your life if you are experiencing worries about what could happen during this uncertain time. Your anxiety and trauma can push you to imagine the worst before it has even happened, making it harder for you to function every day. The first step to self-healing is to reach out for help.

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