Doctors normally recommend that you exercise two to three times a day for at least half an hour to help with depression. But, what if you do not have the motivation to do so? Find a personalized way to make it easier on yourself to exercise, it will be part of your new routine to feeling happy.

Why Does Depression Make it Hard to Exercise?

Depression causes a chemical imbalance like loss of appetite, irritability, isolation, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, having trouble concentrating, and losing interest. There is a shortage of feel-good chemicals that just make you never want to get out of bed or do anything to try to feel good. Motivation and energy is what you need to exercise which depression takes away.

How Can You Make Exercise as Easy as Possible for Yourself?

Set up an environment where it looks easy to do something that you feel is hard to do. For example, you can have everything set up by the time it is time to wake up. You can sleep in your workout clothes to avoid having to pick them out or have them picked out the night before and ready for you. Have your water bottle already cold in the fridge when it is time to walk out the door. 

How Can You Make a Realistic Plan?

Do not tell yourself you will wake up really early in the morning to go to the gym when you know it will not happen. If you fail to wake up on time, you will feel like a failure. Set realistic goals like telling yourself that you will work out later in the morning compared to so early. You may want to work out when you come back from work or during your lunchtime. 

How Can You Make Yourself Want to Work Out?

If you act like the only way you can work out is by going to the gym and doing vigorous exercises, you will not want to do it. Do exercises that you like to do. For example, you may feel like walking is a great way to clear your mind, get some sun and listen to music. You may prefer riding your bike instead. There is no wrong way to be active and exercise as long as you are putting in the minutes to get yourself active to better improve your mood. 

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