If you have a panic disorder or have ever experienced a panic attack before, then you know they can be frightening. Having one while home alone or in a safe place with people you love is one thing, but experiencing a panic attack in a public place can be terrifying. Learning how to safely work with your energy while having a panic attack in public will ultimately keep you and those around you secure. Consider these tips to help you be prepared for the future when it comes to panic attacks.

Try to Get To a Safe Space

Having a panic attack in a public place surrounded by people and loud noises can be frightening, paralyzing, and intimidating. Your panic attack may worsen due to external stimuli, so it is crucial to try to get to a safe space if possible. Going to a quieter and less crowded place can help slow the attack and calm you down faster. Consider going to a quiet park, an empty row on public transport, or use headphones if you cannot escape your current setting.

Do Techniques You Would Use at Home

Public panic attacks are only different because of the setting in which they take place. However, you can use the same soothing techniques as you would use at home to calm yourself. These can include breathing exercises, awareness movements, or continuous repetition of affirmation statements. Whatever works for you at home, try to use it in public to the best of your ability.

Phone a Friend

Being alone while having a panic attack in public can be scary and dangerous. Calling a friend you love and trust can help you calm down and prevent any dangers to yourself. If you cannot phone a friend, consider asking a stranger for help. You don’t have to go into detail, but asking someone to sit with you or help you calm down can give you some semblance of peace. Remember, you don’t have to go through the experience alone.

Having a panic attack in public can be frightening, especially if you are unsure how to navigate it. Therefore, it is imperative that those that are more prone to panic attacks learn how to cope with ones that happen in public, but it doesn’t hurt for everyone to learn this. At Alta Loma Transformational Services, we understand the importance of coping with panic attacks. We help men of all ages work through anxiety and substance use disorders to live a better life. Through our comprehensive programs, you are sure to find healing. Call us today at (866) 457-3843