Many different drugs and substances are out there that cause addiction. Some people become addicted to alcohol, other pills, and yet others try multiple things because they give them different feelings from each substance. The reality of addiction is complicated. Viibryd is one drug many may not have heard about but it is a medication that may be abused and overused. Find out more about it and why it may be addictive.

Viibryd Addiction

Viibryd is a medication used to treat the depressive disorder. The FDA approved the drug for use in 2011. The drug is also named Vilazodone HCI, a generic form, available by prescription. This medication is considered safe but not all people should use it. Young children and very old patients are not supposed to use it due to the risk of side effects. General side effects include dark, depressive thoughts and feelings. This depression medication is not as well known as others but is equally as dangerous for those who struggle with addiction.

Why People Abuse Viibryd

Vilazodone is not usually a drug people become addicted to, but it does happen. People abuse drugs for all sorts of reasons. Using a drug other than prescribed can lead to addiction. Vilazodone addiction should be taken seriously. People who abuse the drug may feel mental dependence on its effects. They may worry about not having it and fear needing it once they stop. The body also develops dependence. To quit Viibryd takes persistence and hope.

Quitting Viibryd

Although quitting drugs quickly is not recommended, it is possible to stop Viibryd cold turkey. It is quite dangerous to do this because it can cause a serious condition called antidepressant discontinuation syndrome. Physical symptoms are mild but the person may experience major mental health issues as a result of quitting without tapering down. Depressive symptoms may return quickly and felt more greatly. This means the risk of negative thoughts of self-harm may be higher. A doctor should always oversee quitting any medication before giving it up cold turkey.

Get Help to Quit

When someone has an addiction to Viibryd, people should work with their doctors and providers. The point being what might work for someone might not work for another and they might become addicted. IF addiction happens, the best place to get help is a treatment center. They can help manage issues of withdrawal symptoms, underlying mental health conditions, and support long-term care in recovery.

It is best not to experience withdrawal symptoms alone, which can result in physical and mental health conditions that are quite serious. Addiction treatment will pass earlier to ensure a healthy, sober life that is long-lasting and fruitful. Getting help is not always easy. It means reaching out to ask for support. Having a loved one that walks alongside a person with addiction makes the journey easier. The road is long but people can enter recovery if they have the right help from loved ones and professionals who understand their needs.

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