Our professional and social obligations keep us busy every hour of every day, and the constant stress of satisfying the needs of others without catering to your own needs takes a toll on mental health. Irritability, difficulty focusing, resentment toward others, sleeplessness, and loss of interest in work and social activities are all indicators that you need to take some time to focus on your mental health.

You would step away from the office to let a broken bone or bad cold heal, and you should take time to care for your emotional and mental health, as well.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Mental Health Day?

Making time to focus on your health will rejuvenate you. Poor sleep patterns and an unhealthy diet can have lasting negative effects on mood and performance. Regulating those patterns during your mental health day will boost your spirits and prepare you for the week ahead. Maybe work is proving too stressful.

You may love your job but still suffer due to stressful conditions like impending deadlines or an unkind coworker. Turn “work-mode” off and engage in activities that relax you. Some people turn to yoga and meditation in times of stress.

If spending time with family and friends is overwhelming, take time to enjoy your own company. When taking a day off to prioritize wellness, distance yourself from all stressful situations in your life, including those that do not involve work. A mental health day should be a time for you to actively destress and focus on healing.

What Should I Do During My Mental Health Day?

Do what makes you happy! A mental health day is an active recovery from constant stress; it’s a day for you to do what you need to boost health, not to sit around and do nothing. If you love to exercise, hit the gym, the park, or other cool spot and get your sweat on.

Cooking and baking are fun stress-relieving activities, as well. Think introspectively to determine what your mind and body need on your day off from regular stresses. This is your day, you deserve to enjoy it. When you return to daily life, you will feel the positive effects of taking time for yourself.

At Alta Loma Transformational Services, improving your mental health is our priority. Our peaceful Texas-based facility is a rustic haven for men struggling with poor mental and emotional health and co-occurring substance use disorders. Our team of dedicated mental health professionals works with residents to develop a customized treatment plan that suits their unique needs. Alta Loma equips you with the tools you need to sustain wellness in your life. If you are interested, please call (866) 457-3843 today for a consultation.