One of the symptoms of addiction is lying. Parents may not be aware of their child’s addiction or of their secret hiding places in their room. By knowing where your child may keep their stash of drugs, you will know for sure whether or not your child is addicted to drugs and can get them help as soon as possible.

Writing Utensils

Any writing utensil that has a cap could be used to hide pills, pot, or powdered substances. If a teen is trying to convert their marker or highlighter into a pipe, they can look online for videos on how to do that. BIC pens can do the same thing where you can conceal small drugs or as a straw to snort cocaine. This makes it easier to bring drugs to school without anyone noticing since you are supposed to have school supplies.

Soda Cans and Wrappers

Empty soda cans can be homemade or purchased. Teens may fool others that they are simply holding a can of soda when it is really full of drugs. You just have to unscrew the top and hide drugs or even hide money to pay for drugs. The same can be said for candy wrappers in that you may be hiding powder in them. If you see a wrapper or a soda can that is not being used but being held onto like it is so important, it is important to ask your child about it.


Cars have many hiding places in them. You can hide them in seats, glove compartments, under the hood, behind the mirror, or behind the dashboard. If you feel like your teenager is doing drugs, you might want to check their car. It is important to do this as you do not want a police officer to ever pull them over and have drugs stashed in their car for them to see.


If your teenage child has their own bathroom, there are definitely plenty of hiding places. Your child can hide drugs under the toilet seat lid as well as the bathroom vents which are removable. The same can be said for empty medicine bottles. You may not want to invade your child’s privacy, but you also do not want to lose your child to drugs. By discovering your teenage child’s hiding spaces for drugs, you will be able to confront them and get them help. 

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