When men are bored in recovery, interesting things can happen. Things that are good, and things that are not so good, but it is always better to veer towards the good. Getting outside is a great way to blow off some steam, expend energy, and just be in nature. If that’s not your thing, then try some indoor experiences or parties and gatherings that promote sober fun. Here are some ways men can experience a good time that isn’t too triggering and allows them to let their hair down for a bit.

Coffee Crawl

If caffeine was not an issue for you while you were addicted, or you are trying to avoid it in recovery, you might think about trying a caffeinated coffee crawl. Curate a list with sober friends of some local coffee shops that are fun to hit up and share some brew. Make it a scavenger hunt for fun or just get tea if coffee is not your thing. See some local attractions in between and see what happens. The goal is just to have fun and not worry about life for awhile, so why not give it a try.

Give Reading a Go

Of course men in recovery might be going to recovery meetings, reading, studying, or even in college and tired of reading for school. Consider joining a recover-based book club. New books are always coming out but there are old classics, as well. Make it recovery-focused or find some other passion. Whatever it is, just try something new for a few months and see how it sticks.

Local Parks

National and local parks are great ways to spend time in the summer sober. Hiking for a few hours to even an entire weekend getaway can be fantastic for the head, heart, and soul. Don’t be afraid to explore nearby parks or go to some further away. Talk to friends and see where they recommend going. Try out longer and shorter hikes on different weekends, or even take some vacation time for longer moments to commune with nature.


Lots of opportunities open up to volunteer with school break programs, camps, and other programs that do their work in summer months. Whatever it is that interests you, gather friends and impart some social good on the world. Help other friends who are sober with house projects, go to some events and chip in to do your part or simply pick an activity to do regularly. Whatever it is you enjoy, try that out for awhile and see if it sticks. Giving back is never a bad thing in recovery.

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