Instagram is a great social media app that you can use to not only post your own pictures and videos but find sources of inspiration from other people, as well. There are mental health organizations that regularly post advice and resources to help you with your mental health journey. Mental health Instagram accounts teach us that it is okay to be “not okay,” and to seek help as soon as possible. 

The National Alliance on Mental Illness’s Instagram Page

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is the largest mental health grassroots organization in the country. On their Instagram feed, you will find talks with experts like NAMI’s medical director, and public figures like actor Sterling K. Brown. NAMI also posts mental health resources and inspiring messages. There are helpful tips to follow, such as focusing on the positive parts of your life and implementing daily mantras. Acting national director Barb Solish wants the organization’s Instagram to produce content designed to help those who need support, wherever they are in their journey. She suggests that those who need serious help reach out to NAMI’s Help Line, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, or the Crisis Text Line.

The Jed Foundation’s Instagram Page

The Jed Foundation is a nonprofit that partners with high schools and colleges to help their mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention programs. On this foundation’s Instagram account, there are mental health resources and tips for young people, and advice that can help people of any age. There is advice for youth, like how to find balance during the school year, and general advice like what to expect before your first teletherapy call. 

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Instagram Page

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) supports research, education, and advocacy efforts for suicide prevention. The AFSP’s Instagram account has self-care strategies, reminders to reach out to others and information on how to get involved in suicide prevention efforts. You can learn about how to support your mental health during times of change, as well as what to do if someone expresses to you they have suicidal thoughts. This is a great platform to learn from the experts about how to take care of yourself, the people you love, and to spread positivity. Even though it is important to always seek professional help, these Instagram accounts can help inspire you while at home.

Instagram can be a useful platform for inspiration to help you deal with your mental health concerns. In addition to posting pictures, people can share informative and inspiring messages that they would like their followers to see. There are a number of Instagram accounts to follow that focus on mental health messages to encourage you to break the stigma and seek help. Located in Georgetown, Texas, Alta Loma’s treatment facilities can provide you with the pick-me-up inspiration you need to make this a successful journey. We understand that mental illness can make you feel alone. At Alta Loma’s transformative treatment center, it is our goal to ensure that you never feel lonely in your struggles again. We can provide you with the top mental health specialists that can make you feel at home, and offer therapeutic recreational activities, full psychiatric assessments, life skills education, medication management, and much more. Please give us a call today at (866) 457-3843 to learn more.