The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to get used to living an introverted existence at home. As the world begins to re-open, you may be feeling very anxious about being surrounded by a lot of people, especially if COVID-19 is still going on. Take it slow and be patient with yourself; there’s no rush to return to the status quo.

How Can You Take It Slow Going Back Out in Public?

If you are struggling with social anxiety, you can slowly ease your way back into social life. When quarantine finally ends, it will no longer be automatic to avoid people if it is safer again. Connect with people in your inner circle first. This way, you are surrounded by people who are honest and trustworthy.

Start to increase your exposure to more people when you feel it is safe. If you are still not ready to meet people in person yet, continue to use phone calls or video chats. Then, bump it up to group talks through video chat services like Zoom or Facetime. If you are comfortable with that, you can ask to take a walk with some friends in the neighborhood.

Why Should You Let Yourself Be Scared?

It is acceptable for you to be scared and anxious about this situation, as no one has been through a situation like this in the modern world. Remember, nobody knows what they’re doing during a pandemic. Even experts are uncertain about their research, so you are allowed to feel insecure too.

You are not obligated to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. It is essential to be surrounded by people who are as health-conscious as you are and take the same safety measures. If you are known as the life of the party, do not be ashamed of your anxiety.

What if Social Anxiety Still Lingers?

If you have tried everything and social anxiety is interfering in your life, reach out to a mental health professional to change your thought patterns. Easing yourself back into a social life will prevent a shock to the system, which could make matters worse.

Social anxiety can make it very hard for you to form human connections when you most need them. At Alta Loma, you can learn how to treat your social anxiety in several ways. These include individualized therapy, recreational activities, mindfulness, life skills, and more to get your life back on track. For more information, please call us at (866) 457-3843.