Anxiety is a mental illness that does not provide just a simple solution to relieve symptoms. YouTuber Logan Paul seemed to give people the wrong advice on Twitter about how to relieve anxiety. It is important with anxiety to use a variety of solutions that involve self-care and speaking to someone about symptoms that are stopping you from living your life.

What Did Logan Paul Write on Twitter About Anxiety?

Logan Paul wrote that anxiety is created by you. He said to just let life play out and to remind yourself to be happy. All you have to do is chill out, go for a walk, and talk to a friend to tackle your anxiety. The truth is that anxiety is not created by you. It can be based on genetics or environmental factors that you have no control of. Anxiety disorder is never in your head. It is a valid mental illness than millions of Americans have. It takes more than chilling out and going for a walk to help yourself.

How Did Twitter Respond to Logan Paul’s Tweet?

One person said that being anxious and having anxiety is not the same thing. That making sure you go for a walk or to take a drink of water helps those who are stressed, but is not the ultimate cure for anxiety. Another person said that simply saying to just go for a walk is downplaying the seriousness of anxiety. A third person said that this tweet sends a bad message to a young audience that does not know a lot about anxiety and that Paul is making it seem like we should be at fault for our anxiety. This feedback caused Paul to delete the tweet and respond back to everyone saying he was “clowning” and posted a link from Healthline of how to cope with anxiety.

How Can You Cope with Anxiety?

While Paul’s suggestions may work for short-term stress, anxiety is a chronic mental illness that involves long-term strategies. One of them is cognitive behavioral therapy where you can turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. You can also ask your doctor to be put on medications as well as speaking to a therapist about your anxiety triggers. Anxiety is as serious as any other condition. People having the courage on social media to set someone straight about anxiety is a big step in breaking the stigma. 

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