Mental health expert Kati Morton, who had 830,000 YouTube subscribers, quit her job as a therapist to be a full-time YouTube creator. In 2018, she took a one month break from YouTube as she was feeling irritable and on edge for feeling the pressure of having to create new videos all the time. It is more important for YouTube creators to take care of their own mental health than to worry about disappointing their YouTube subscribers if they cannot deliver more videos on time.

What is the Dark Side of Being a YouTube Creator?

YouTube creators can create large followings and earning a lot of money. According to Forbes, the 10 biggest YouTube creators earned $180.5 million in 2018. Unfortunately, the downside to being a creator is facing tremendous pressure to put out an endless stream of videos to please their fans and YouTube’s algorithms. YouTubers feel that by not constantly uploading videos will lead to disappointment from their fans or hurt their chances of YouTube recommending their videos to others. Also, the more content is uploaded and seen, the more money they will make. A YouTuber that has worked very hard to provide satisfactory content to its fans does not want to feel like a failure if they lose subscribers. If they take a break, they fear of being forgotten.

Should YouTube Creators Take Mental Health Breaks?

YouTube creators are scared that if they take a break, their channel will suffer. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that on average, channels had more views when they returned compared to before they left. One YouTube spokesperson said that the frequency in uploads or past video performance is not what it takes for your video to end up on a YouTuber’s recommendations feed. It is best to create engaging content compared to rushing it. YouTubers, like Morton, did not feel like their channel suffered as a result of a break. She has said that she now uploads one video a week. 

What Should YouTubers Do For Their Mental Health?

It is best for YouTube creators to focus on making entertaining videos as well as establishing set work hours and taking small breaks. You can also use YouTube as a platform to talk about burnout and other mental health issues. Trust that your audience will be there for you as a break can help come up with better video content when you return.

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