When we face life’s challenges, we naturally react with our default emotions. We exhibit our dominant emotional style when we turn to our preferred emotion instead of leaning towards a more “logical” one. By knowing your dominant emotional style, you can gain a deeper understanding of why experiencing a range of emotions is important to maintaining a healthy outlook and positive relationships.

Defining Dominant Emotional Style

A dominant emotion is an emotion we tend to go to when stressful situations occur. For example, some people might feel intense anger whenever there is a traffic jam instead of experiencing relaxation or calm. This can be very unhealthy if your go-to emotion is always a negative one.

While it is common to experience negative emotions once in a while, letting them take over all of your reactions and decisions could negatively impact your loved ones, your job, or your finances.

Emotions getting the best of you?!

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The Importance of Feeling a Range of Emotions

It is easy to turn to our dominant emotion because we know it very well. In order to experience a healthier life, we need to be able to experience both positive and negative emotions.

Feeling a range of emotions is part of a balanced internal ecosystem. It only takes one dominant emotion to throw the whole system off balance. People who experience a broad range of emotions have better physical and mental health and lower rates of depression.

How to Reduce Your Dominant Emotion

Feeling too much of one emotion can leave you burnt out. The first thing you can do to help is to get a new perspective on the situation. For example, if anxiety is your dominant emotion, take a minute to evaluate each situation and think of alternative outcomes other than the ones you’re worried about. This will allow other emotions to surface.

Another thing you can do is seek out more quiet emotions instead of turning to the intense ones to find healthier solutions to problems. Experiencing a range of emotions can give you the opportunity to enhance your creativity, come up with alternative solutions to problems, and provide you with a sense of relief.

Dominant emotions can take over our mental health. If we only experience anger, anxiety, or sadness, our mental health can be negatively impacted. We need to be able to experience a whole range of emotions in order to better our mental outlook. At Alta Loma, we understand how important emotions are to our mental health, and we are here to help you. Our transformative treatment center in Georgetown, Texas, can provide you with individualized therapy, residency, life and coping skills education, and more. Give us a call at (866) 457-3843 for more information.