Over the years, Flower Mound has grown; what’s grown with it is a dire mental health crisis. Even though there are numerous mental health treatment facilities in Denton County, Alta Loma offers comprehensive mental health services Flower Mound Texas for men in a calming and serene environment. Alta Loma is located in Georgetown, just a couple of hours from the heart of Flower Mound, TX.

Our treatment programs and facilities are solely for men needing mental health care. Our structured environment combines a variety of therapeutic modalities to help even the most challenging clients get the help they desperately need to heal.

Even though we are a few hours away, our primary goal is to help you or a loved one achieve the kind of stability that enables you to achieve the life you want — one not controlled by mental health issues or substance abuse.

Our mental health professionals work to give you the tools and support necessary to overcome behavioral health obstacles and harness a new chapter that addresses, works on and overcomes a mental health disorder.

Mental Health Services – Flower Mound, TX

If you or someone you care about is struggling to address your need for mental health, Alta Loma could mean the difference between relapse and long-term recovery

Young man with anxiety needs to undergo mental health services flower mound Texas.

Men’s Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment 

Texans face unique challenges and many don’t know how to address them. When dealing with mental health and substance abuse, getting the care you need is essential. It’s imperative to have a team of supporters who understand what you may need to begin your path to wellness.

We welcome men from Flower Mound of all ages and backgrounds struggling with mental illness or substance abuse.

We aim to help break the stigma surrounding the help available for these specific challenges. Men are often told from an early age that it isn’t necessary to get help for emotional turmoil, and ignoring such issues often leads to a worsened mental state that can trigger substance use as a remedy. It’s not a remedy – it’s a crux that can further deepen your mental well-being and hurt your relationships, finances and job.

Alta Loma changes that cycle by teaching men how to overcome their mental illness, gain sobriety and find inner strength.

Read on to learn about the mental illnesses Alta Loma will address…

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Schizophrenia Treatment near Flower Mound, TX

Schizophrenia has one of the most significant stigmas of all mental illnesses, meaning there’s much misinformation about what it is and how to treat it best. While it’s a difficult diagnosis, it’s undoubtedly manageable through medication, individual and family therapy or a combination of the two. A schizophrenia treatment center in Texas, will show you how to live with this diagnosis with the proper tools at your disposal.

More importantly, our licensed counselors will help you create a life that reflects your goals, values and dreams.

Our approach has been proven through the various success stories of our clients. If you’re near Flower Mound, reach out to us today to see how your story can be our next shared success.

Treatment for your schizophrenia is just a phone call away. Reach out today to schedule an evaluation with our mental health clinician.

Man suffering from schizophrenia.
Young man suffering from bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment near Flower Mound, TX

The seesaw aspect of bipolar disorder can make daily functioning a challenge. Those who struggle with this disorder contend with extreme mood, thinking and behavior changes. These changes often create obstacles to “normal” daily activities, impacting work, school, family, romantic relationships, friendships and more.

The treatment of bipolar disorder near Flower Mound, TX, can significantly improve your quality of life. We can help reduce the manic and depressive episodes and teach you coping mechanisms, so your mental state doesn’t always swing in such extreme ways.

Contact Alta Loma today to let us help you get off the roller coaster and begin living with more balance.

Personality Disorder Treatment near Flower Mound, TX

Understanding personality disorders can be challenging because people are so inherently different. This is one of the reasons expertise in the treatment of personality disorder near Flower Mound, TX, is imperative when designing a mental health treatment protocol.

There are numerous personality disorders, each with varying signs and symptoms. We specialize in treating them all, so our staff is well-versed in the nuances of each one. 

We know how these disorders can impact your life negatively, so we’ll work with you on a treatment approach that enhances your ability to live with your condition without incurring these consequences.

Contact our team near Flower Mound, TX, location today so we can help bring out the real you.

Adult man with narcissistic personality disorder.
Adult man during individual therapy for schizoaffective disorder treatment.

Schizoaffective Disorder Treatment near Flower Mound, TX

Getting one clear-cut mental health diagnosis can be challenging enough. However, there are times when mood disorders like depression and schizophrenia can combine to create one umbrella diagnosis: schizoaffective disorder. This distinct diagnosis is still largely misunderstood, even in the behavioral health profession.

However, the counselors working on schizoaffective disorder treatment near Flower Mound, TX, understand this disorder well.

Our therapists have created a psychiatric evaluation and mental health treatment process that’s helped new patients no one else could reach before our intervention. We know how to spot the subtle markers of this condition and help manage your mental health needs so that you can start the road to recovery. Our therapists provide services that include talk therapy, additional counseling, and family therapy. Partial hospitalization near Flower Mound, TX, is also provided.

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You no longer have to suffer from untreated mental illness or substance abuse issues. You deserve a whole and rewarding life, which means making decisions that enhance your general mental health needs and emotional wellness.

We’re standing by near Flower Mound to help you take back your life. We’ll help you create a customized mental health care plan for your needs and treatment options.

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