What is Supportive Living?

Supportive living provides a safe and secure housing solution for men with mental health problems and co-occurring disorders, such as substance abuse. We know that transitioning out of a treatment program can be challenging, and it often takes time to readjust to the flow of daily life. Without ongoing support, the stress of it all can make mental health symptoms, old habits and unhealthy behaviors resurface, but the stability and structure of a recovery-oriented living environment allow individuals to develop effective strategies for maintaining their health and mental wellness. As residents adopt a more independent lifestyle, they’ll become more confident in their abilities and build on what they’ve learned in a primary program, moving toward their goals with assistance whenever it’s needed.

Is This Level of Care Right for Me

When individuals begin their transformative recovery journey at Alta Loma, they start in our primary program, which combines supportive housing at The Ranch with partial hospitalization programming (PHP) at our clinical facility. As they progress through treatment and achieve a healthier state of mind, residents will feel ready to step down into a lower level of care and explore new opportunities for growth and independence.

To achieve this, the next step in our continuum of care is intensive outpatient programming (IOP) or outpatient programming (OP) at our clinical facility combined with supportive housing at The Villa or The Cottage, respectively. This ensures that individuals have a structured treatment experience that evolves with them and adapts to their current needs, giving them the freedom and flexibility to apply what they’ve learned to a less restrictive environment. By providing a continuum of care that acknowledges the progress they’ve made, we help residents thrive in recovery and move toward a productive and fulfilling life.

Residents who are prepared for a more independent living environment at The Cottage have made great strides in their recovery and often meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed our primary care program
  • Mentally stable and ready for what comes next
  • Committed to remaining sober
  • Have their mental health symptoms under control
  • Feel ready to pursue new vocational opportunities
  • Want step-down support while transitioning back to daily life

The Cottage by Alta Loma

At Alta Loma, residents participate in clinical programming at our nearby facility while living in supportive housing. We offer three distinct levels of care that pair supportive living with outpatient services, and The Cottage is the least restrictive option that acts as a bridge between the structure of treatment and the real world. Here, residents have ongoing access to mental health services as they reintegrate back into society and learn how to navigate the challenges of increased independence. The Cottage is not just a group home or sober living environment, but goes above and beyond to give individuals the support they need to lead a successful, fulfilling and balanced life built on a foundation of renewed mental wellness.

Some of the services and features found at The Cottage include:

  • Medication management
  • Psychiatric consults with the same team as higher levels of care
  • Same therapists as higher levels of care
  • Two clinician-led group meetings each week
  • Chef-prepared meal every day
  • 24-hour staff access/availability right next door @ The Villa
  • Short & long-term living solutions
  • Vocational support
  • Alta Loma work program access, if desired

Why Choose The Cottage?

Recovering from a mental illness or co-occurring disorder takes time, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. While some treatment programs focus on getting patients in and out as quickly as possible, Alta Loma sees things differently. We understand that recovery is a process and have developed a unique approach that supports our residents each step of the way, backed by a continuum of care that’s engineered for success.

The Cottage is an important part of this continuum of care, providing a stable and structured housing environment that helps individuals reclaim a more independent lifestyle. In this program, residents don’t just get the chance to practice their coping skills and reinforce healthier habits, but they can also explore new educational or career opportunities and develop strong relationships within their communities. Throughout their entire stay, psychiatric services are conducted weekly and other techniques, such as medication management, are ongoing, ensuring that residents are prepared to address any obstacles, concerns or challenges that arise while adjusting to a less restrictive living environment.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and coordinated experience that sets our residents up for a successful future, equipping them with the skills, tools and knowledge they need to manage their psychiatric symptoms and maintain their mental wellness for years to come.

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Healing on Your Terms

At Alta Loma, we provide short and long-term living solutions for men who might not have succeeded in other treatment settings. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we deliver a transformational experience for those with mental health problems and co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse. To learn more about our programs, contact or call us today at 866.457.3843 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.