Alta Loma in Georgetown, Texas is a transformational services facility designed to help men recover from co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. By focusing on coordinating care that meets both mental health and substance use needs, we are able to help residents who might not have been successful in other treatment settings. At Alta Loma, our residents won’t receive conflicting messages or therapies that contradict each other and impede the recovery process. Our dedicated team of clinicians and specialists collaborate to provide coherent treatment plans that provide cohesiveness for residents during their stay with us. We implement a long-term continuum of care and 12-step methods so residents can better understand how their mental health and substance use disorders relate and learn the necessary life skills, healthy habits and coping mechanisms they need to respond to their triggers and symptoms appropriately. Our goal is to help our residents achieve emotional and psychological stability, empowering them to find hope as they progress towards recovery.

Integrated Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment

Substance use treatment can be approached in a variety of ways, but at Alta Loma, we specialize in integrating the most effective, evidence-based methods of mental health and addiction treatment to provide residents with comprehensive care that addresses both their substance use and mental health needs. It’s essential for dual diagnosis residents to receive this level of coordinated care to ensure that they are treated as a whole, rather than a collection of symptoms. Other treatment centers might treat one disorder or the other, or have trouble reconciling different modalities. This can result in a conflicting set of messages that complicate the recovery process and limit its effectiveness. At Alta Loma, each individual’s treatment plan is created by a group of collaborative clinicians who work together to produce consistency for improved resident outcomes.

Continuum of Care

We offer a continuum of care and utilize a phase system with long-term treatment plans to maintain a cohesive experience as our resident progress towards more independent living. Throughout their stay with us, residents will engage in proven therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), in addition to practicing mindfulness techniques, meditation and recreational therapies.

Initial Stabilization: Withdrawal and Detox

Alta Loma will work with individuals and their families to coordinate any needed detoxification and stabilization that a resident may need before becoming a resident of Alta Loma. Many drugs produce uncomfortable or dangerous withdrawal effects that make this a necessary step before residential treatment can begin. A medically-supervised detox allows residents to begin treatment on the right foot, with a steady resolve and a clear mind.

Domestic Care: Treatment In a Residential Setting

Our limited domestic care program admits seven clients at a time, ensuring that each resident receives the undivided attention and care that they deserve. With a 24-hour wake staff and weekly appointments with addiction specialists and psychiatrists, this level of care is the most intensive. Treatment plans are individualized for each resident and length-of-stay is flexible, but lasts for a minimum of 90 days. During their time in our domestic program, residents will learn strategies for healthy living, necessary life skills, medication management and more. Family treatment is also available to support and guide close relatives as their loved one progresses through recovery. The goal of our domestic program is to move residents toward a less structured environment and eventually back to sustainable independent living free of drugs or alcohol.

Transitional Living: Extended Care

This is the next step along the Alta Loma continuum of care, in which residents enter a less restrictive living environment while practicing the skills they learned during their time in residential treatment. Residents can stay at his facility up to two years.  At this stage, we encourage employment or school for those who are able at this level.  Psychiatric and therapy services are still conducted weekly as indicated and medication management by staff continues for the entire stay.

Nutritional Support

At Alta Loma, we understand how psychiatric medications can affect one’s weight and appetite. To help residents stay healthy, a licensed nutritionist will meet with each resident to develop an individualized meal plan and nutritional outline. A weekly nutrition group is also held to discuss these concerns and educate residents on the importance of balanced eating.

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Healing on Your Terms

For men with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders, there is treatment available that can help you rediscover a life of balance, free from drugs or alcohol. Alta Loma in Georgetown, Texas, integrates mental health and substance use treatment for care for men with a dual diagnosis. Our continuum of care helps men from all walks of life get back on track and empowers them to move toward independent living and a life of sustainable recovery.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction and mental health issues, our programs can help. Reach out to one of our friendly Alta Loma representatives today at 866.457.3843 to learn more about how our comprehensive treatment plans can make a difference.