Medication Management

Finding the help you need to treat mental health and substance use disorders can be challenging. Perhaps you’ve tried to quit on your own, only to find that withdrawal symptoms and cravings are too overpowering, or you underwent treatment to relapse once again. You may be at a crossroads with mental instability – unsure where to go next or if there is hope.

Getting help for your addiction requires knowing what treatment options are available and which ones will benefit you the most. 

Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT for short, is an effective treatment and may be just what you need to clear these hurdles and start living a healthy life. The key to the success of MAT is an individualized treatment plan geared specifically to your disorder and needs.

Alta Loma Transformational Services has long focused on providing individualized treatment programs for men battling mental health disorders and substance abuse. Our facility in Georgetown, TX, is an extended care recovery center offering Medication-Assisted Treatment near Austin to clients. You won’t be just another number here at Alta Loma. We are committed to providing treatment accessibility to men experiencing co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues, putting them on the path to recovery, and helping them stay there.

Get Healing on Your Terms

If you or someone you care about is struggling to address your need for mental health, Alta Loma could mean the difference between relapse and long-term recovery

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-Assisted Treatment MAT involves using a combination of specific addiction medications, counseling, and behavioral therapy to treat the whole of the client, not just the disorder itself. This substance abuse and mental health approach to treating substance abuse disorders are tailored to meet the circumstances and needs of each individual client. It can even help you sustain recovery.

Common misconceptions about MAT, include that this treatment option replaces one substance for another, but this is not true. Instead, FDA-approved prescribed medications and recovery measures are safe and effective for clients physically and mentally.

What is the Purpose of the Medications?

Addiction medications reduce cravings caused by a chemical imbalance and help clients deal better with withdrawal and other symptoms, such as lessening the euphoric effects as they undergo treatment. Certain medicines are particularly effective in blocking the effects of opioid dependence. The combination of therapy and medication management helps individuals overcome addiction and get back to living their lives in a healthier way.

How Can Medication-Assisted Treatment Help Me?

Awareness and understanding of what to expect during Medication-Assisted Treatment can help relieve anxiety and increase the success rate overall. 

To start, you will spend time with your doctor going over your physical, mental, and behavioral health and the type of addiction disorder you currently have. For this client assessment, you may also need to have available records from your primary care physicians.

As you begin the MAT, our trained and certified staff will prescribe the addiction medicine you need to treat the chemical imbalance while in a supportive living environment. It may even limit or altogether eliminate any psychological cravings as well. As a result, you are less likely to relapse and can concentrate on the counseling and behavioral therapy portions of your treatment plan and work toward recovery.

How Medication-Assisted Treatment near Austin works depends on your addiction – Counseling may be individual or in groups. This treatment doesn’t just treat symptoms but reduces risk behaviors that keep you trapped. Behavioral therapies during and after MAT will help identify the root causes of a mental health disorder and the abuse of substances.

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Only for Substance Abuse?

Medication-Assisted Treatment works at its best when combined with counseling, therapy other measures depending on the individual. In effect, you undergo a whole-body approach to dealing with substance abuse, which means we help you address both physical and mental health aspects and improve the effectiveness of your relapse prevention abilities.

While MAT is often used as a substance abuse-only treatment, Alta Loma is different because we strongly commit to clients with mental and emotional challenges, such as PTSD and anxiety, with co-occurring substance use disorders. We understand how vital the link can be between your mental health and addiction and focus on treating both simultaneously. MAT is part of the treatment process.

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Long-Term?

Medication-Assisted Treatment is not meant to be long-term. Alta Loma’s continuum of care for our clients is revolutionary and the next step in the process. 

We use a coordinated and consistent recovery approach that helps our clients understand the relationship between their mental health and substance abuse. As a result, the goal is to help you transition back into your everyday life, starting with MAT, and help you continue recovery and prevent a relapse.

As your needs change, you will proceed through primary care, extended care and supportive living we provide and receive cohesive treatment in a structured environment.

How Alta Loma Can Help

Alta Loma treatment center can help you accomplish healing on your terms, letting you control your destiny with the help and guidance of our experienced professionals. 

While the road to recovery from opioid use, alcohol use disorder, or other addictions will differ for each client, Alta Loma understands the various obstacles you can encounter. We help to guide you through these obstacles and assist you in striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Alta Loma’s goal is to provide you with a transformative experience and mental health care that allows you to feel good about yourself again and thrive going forward. While we help you reintegrate with life outside of our facility, from home life to employment, we don’t abandon you. Instead, we provide extended care and post-treatment options that will help you live your best life without alcohol or drugs.

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