At Alta Loma, we focus on treating men with chronic psychiatric conditions and co-occurring substance use disorders. Unlike the majority of dual diagnosis centers that are only equipped to address common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, we go above and beyond the industry standard to provide truly comprehensive care for a wide range of concerns. Although other facilities will do their best to help when someone comes into treatment, their programs also treat individuals without co-occurring disorders and aren’t able to handle a more severe diagnosis. Our commitment to dual diagnosis patients is what sets us apart, with specialties that include:

The link between mental health and addiction is well-known and we understand the importance of treating both issues simultaneously. When an individual with a dual diagnosis doesn’t receive care that properly addresses their needs, they will find it difficult to maintain lasting recovery. Once they return home, their psychiatric issues will likely return and trigger a relapse. By providing integrated treatment for both mental health and substance abuse disorders that focuses specifically on dual diagnosis patients, we’re able to improve treatment outcomes with a level of care that can’t be found elsewhere.

Get Healing on Your Terms

If you or someone you care about is struggling to address your need for mental health, Alta Loma could mean the difference between relapse and long-term recovery

Coordinated Continuum of Care

Substance abuse and mental health treatment can sometimes be disjointed, delivering conflicting messages that limit program effectiveness and interfere with the recovery process. At Alta Loma, we provide a productive treatment experience by utilizing a consistent and coordinated approach to recovery that helps patients understand the relationship between mental health and substance abuse so they can explore the roots of their addiction and effectively manage future symptoms. Each level of care builds on earlier successes, so as clients’ needs change and they progress through our continuum of care, they will continue to receive cohesive treatment in a structured environment with options that include:

Although we rely on certain recovery solutions, our approach is not rigid and treatment plans are highly personalized to let patients heal in their own way. Since the road to recovery is different for each individual, our role is to guide patients as they dig deep into their issues and learn to navigate the obstacles that have kept them from living a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Emphasis on Reintegration

Alta Loma is highly focused on helping those we serve successfully integrate back into life after rehab by developing the skills they’ll need to achieve lasting sobriety. We understand that simply acquiring these skills isn’t enough, however, and go a step further by giving patients the opportunity to apply them in real-world settings while still in treatment.

This lets clients hone their recovery skills and practice what they’ve learned with ongoing support. We also organize weekly outings that help patients utilize their social and communication skills with feedback from staff members, who work to ensure that they’re equipped to re-establish healthy relationships and pursue their personal, professional and educational goals. These outings have the added benefit of helping patients rediscover their hobbies or interests and reminding them that it’s possible to have fun without drugs or alcohol.

In addition to organizing outings and helping patients apply their recovery skills in real-life situations, we also utilize a unique phase system that makes loftier recovery goals more manageable and provides hope for the future. Patients progress through the phase system and earn more freedom as they learn to manage their substance use and mental health symptoms successfully, moving toward a less structured environment that prepares them for an independent, sober life outside of Alta Loma. By carefully balancing a structured environment with progressive treatment plans, we help patients feel confident in their ability to maintain sobriety long after rehab while bringing them one step closer to fully integrating back into society.

More Than A Diagnosis

At Alta Loma, we understand that people are more than their symptoms. Rather than being composed of various conditions and concerns that simply need treatment, people are complex individuals with multi-faceted lives, needs and desires. When it comes to recovery, the support, hope and motivation an individual receives from their friends and family are just as important as the treatments themselves.

Our goal is to provide a transformative experience that incorporates all of this and more, ensuring that patients can not only heal but thrive as well. That’s why our approach to recovery goes beyond the walls of our facility and incorporates extended care and post-treatment options that help patients build healthy relationships, pursue their goals and rediscover who they are without drugs or alcohol.