The Villa

The Villa is a program that combines IOP programming at Alta Loma and supportive living at Casa Sana.

Mental health and addiction tend to wreak havoc across all areas of a person’s life. They can destroy your confidence and make you feel you don’t have the ability to succeed out in the world. And when we feel like we can’t contribute in a meaningful way to society, the shame and guilt that feed substance abuse thrive.

At Alta Loma, we show you that with support and kindness from us — and dedication and commitment from you — you can achieve your goals and enjoy a healthy, happy and productive life. 

Get Healing on Your Terms at the Villa

If you or someone you care about is struggling to address your need for mental health, Alta Loma could mean the difference between relapse and long-term recovery

The Villa Extended Care Schedule

Types of Mental Health Programming At The Villa

The priorities here at The Villa go over and above helping you overcome challenging emotions, get into healthy habits and develop coping mechanisms. Of course, we do all of that, but our primary aim is to help you with community reintegration.

Below are the therapeutic approaches you take part in with us at our extended care program.

Community Reintegration

To enjoy a successful, independent and fulfilling life once you leave a recovery community, it’s crucial you have roots in the wider community. As human beings, we’re highly social, and research shows that feeling connected in a meaningful way is as important as food and water.

Our comprehensive team of therapists, addiction experts, case managers, nurses and mentors forms a fully equipped support bubble around you. We provide the resources, guidance and structure necessary to get back into work or school. Once you’re back in employment or education, we provide a high level of assistance so you can work through issues that may have interfered with your ability to succeed previously.  

Life-Skills Group

Learning how to minimize the symptoms of mental illness and overcome addiction is about developing coping mechanisms, being mindful and following a consistent routine. However, mental illness and substance use disorders are the result of a number of factors. To get the most out of the recovery process, it’s crucial you learn practical skills and apply what you learn in therapy in the real world. 

Being independent doesn’t mean trying to do everything alone. The following life-skills groups can help you learn how to thrive in social situations as well as self-regulate:

  • Self-awareness
  • Changing thoughts
  • Recognizing triggers
  • Job-skills training
  • Self-sufficiency skills development (cooking, cleaning)
The Village at Alta Loma for Mental Health Treatment -- Sideview

Process Groups

Once you’ve made the amazing step of getting back into work or school, you no longer attend programming after lunch. However, process groups still make up an important part of your weekly program. In group therapy sessions, a clinician directs the conversation and participants speak candidly about their experiences. You listen to others and feel what it’s like to be heard without being judged, learning vital empathy and communication skills in the process. Group members also give each other advice and feedback, normalizing the exchange of emotionally driven conversation. 

Recovery Groups

Recovery groups provide a safe space for people who’ve been through similar experiences to share and listen. Improving your interpersonal skills and communicating your feelings in a calm manner are indispensable skills in the recovery process — and in life. Every member is encouraged to participate in the most supportive, positive manner possible.

Group leaders and peers can help you set and maintain boundaries, work through conflicts and disagreements in a healthy way and discuss challenging subjects. The peer support groups you can take part in while at The Villa are NAMI, 12-step, and other peer support groups.

Goal Review

Our team of experts tracks and assesses your progress, and you’ll meet regularly with your team for goal reviews. It’s vital to work toward tangible, clear objectives when you’re trying to make any significant change. We help you learn how to get goal setting, tracking and reviewing right so you can continue the process once you’re living independently and sober.

About the Facility

The Villa has five bedrooms and six bathrooms to ensure the comfort and independence of each client. A friendly team of experts oversees a stable, safe and structured environment where you can establish a secure base and start working towards the future you’ve always dreamed of.

The historic 6,411-square-foot building is nestled in the heart of the old town in Georgetown, within walking distance of the center. Not only does this afford residents direct access to the lovely shops and restaurants nearby, it means you’re in a prime location for work and education. 

In addition to the above, residents benefit from:

  • Nutritious meals, served seven days per week
  • Access to the local recreation center
  • Local transportation within Georgetown