Entering treatment is essential to helping those who struggle with addiction achieve long-term recovery, but detox and residential care are just the beginning of the journey. Healing from addiction is an ongoing process that requires a continuum of care to guide patients as they transition from one stage of recovery to the next. This ensures that as patients progress, they are receiving the appropriate level of care that will let them get the most out of each therapeutic experience.

At Alta Loma, we offer ongoing care that is a part of this continuum at The Villa, our extended care facility in Georgetown, Texas. The Villa is designed for those with psychiatric concerns who didn’t thrive in other settings, providing an environment where patients can find the structure and stability they need to focus on reclaiming their lives from drugs or alcohol. Our goal is to give patients the time they need to hone their sobriety skills, helping them move toward more independent living and integrate back into society.

Integrated Care in The Villa at Alta Loma

At The Villa, we provide comprehensive care that integrates both substance abuse and mental health treatment to provide an alternative to traditional extended-care facilities. We specialize in helping those who haven’t been successful in the past due to co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders by addressing each patient as a whole, rather than just their individual symptoms. At this level of care, our dedicated treatment team can help residents reintegrate back into society and rediscover a life of balance, health and hope, free from drugs or alcohol. We have experience in treating individuals with a variety of psychiatric and substance use issues, such as:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depressive disorders
  • Schizophrenia spectrum disorders
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Substance abuse disorders

It’s well established that mental health and substance use are closely linked, but few facilities provide care that encompasses both of these disorders concurrently. The guiding principle at Alta Loma rests on integrating addiction and psychiatric treatment to provide a coherent, consistent and collaborative approach that provides patients with the comprehensive care they need to heal. Addiction is a complex disease with many interwoven layers and contributing factors.

Some individuals use drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication, for example, to try and alleviate the symptoms of a mental health disorder or escape from past trauma, while others may have been exposed at an early age and don’t know any other way to live. Without cohesive treatment that addresses these concerns, achieving lasting recovery is difficult because the factors surrounding an individual’s substance use will be waiting for them once they return to their daily lives. Alta Loma adopts a multifaceted approach that addresses these factors by helping patients learn healthier coping skills, understand how to manage their symptoms, establish healthy habits and become more mindful or stressors or triggers, enabling them to maintain their sobriety after treatment.

What is Extended Care?

Extended care is treatment that takes place after residential or primary treatment to provide patients with continued structure and support for a sober lifestyle. At Alta Loma, we provide a continuum of care that meets patients where they’re at in the healing process, giving them the appropriate level of care and necessary treatment to help them transition through each stage of recovery. We believe that to truly overcome substance abuse means giving patients not only the basic tools for recovery, but also empowering them to complete treatment as an independent, stable person whole in body and mind, with renewed confidence in their ability to pursue a sober lifestyle.

Extended care at The Villa is a unique experience that combines the therapeutic components of intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) with a more independent sober living environment. In extended care, patients have the opportunity to practice the recovery skills they learned in residential treatment in a safe, supportive environment. Recovery doesn’t follow a linear path and extended care at The Villa helps individuals productively manage the challenges, setbacks, cravings and other obstacles that often arise after completing treatment. Encouraging patients to embrace accountability is an important aspect of this, empowering them to stay on track with their recovery goals and take responsibility for their decisions. Establishing accountability compels patients to think honestly about their triggers and other stressors that might lead to relapse and develop proactive strategies for handling them. Issues related to rebuilding trust, repairing relationships, managing high-risk social situations, connecting with recovery-oriented peers and preparing to return to work or school are also explored in extended care.

Deeply Customized Treatment Plans and Expert Care

Our professionals work closely with patients, their families and medical providers to ensure that we develop individualized treatment plans that resonate with them and meet their specific needs. Each resident is thoroughly evaluated by a licensed psychiatrist early in the process to better understand their mental health concerns and determine which level of care is appropriate for them. Afterward, they’ll meet with a licensed clinician to assess their substance use history. These specialists will then work together to develop a collaborative, customized treatment plan with a goal-oriented approach that emphasizes both mental health and addiction recovery. To promote deep and lasting healing from addiction, we implement a variety of strategies and techniques, such as:

At Alta Loma, we recognize that each resident has their own story. Just as the path that led each individual to us is unique, so too is the path that will lead them to recovery where they can reintegrate with society and discover the value in life without drugs or alcohol. Since no two people will respond to treatment in the same way, our mission is to provide high-quality care that is deeply personalized for each patient, taking into account their individual strengths and weaknesses and giving them a place where they can heal both emotionally and physically. If a different approach is needed or if a particular therapy is no longer effective, treatment plans can be adjusted as needed to ensure that patients continue to make meaningful progress and get the most of each therapeutic experience.

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Healing on Your Terms

Recovery isn’t a destination, nor does it occur at a single point in time — it’s an ongoing process that requires professional guidance and continued care that helps individuals reclaim their lives from drugs and alcohol. The Villa at Alta Loma in Georgetown, Texas, provides patients with the support they need to integrate back into society and move toward independent living with their sobriety intact. If you or someone you care about is continuing to struggle with mental health and substance use issues after treatment, contact or call Alta Loma today at 866-457-3843 to learn more about extended care at The Villa and how it can help.