Mental health and substance abuse issues can make life challenging for men near Plano, Texas. Research shows men start abusing illicit substances earlier than women and are more likely to engage in substance use,  highlighting the need for men-specific mental health and substance abuse treatment. Reclaim your life back through our mental health services Plano Texas at Alta Loma.

Mental Health Services – Plano, TX

If you or someone you care about is struggling to address your need for mental health, Alta Loma could mean the difference between relapse and long-term recovery

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Men’s Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment

At Alta Loma, men will find a compassionate and structured treatment environment focused on giving their specific mental health needs. Behavioral health treatment options are offered in a comfortable environment that helps men achieve good physical and mental health.

We want men to know they don’t need to feel ashamed to ask for help. Asking for help is a brave move because recognizing that you need help is an early step toward seeking mental health services near Plano, TX.

Our team includes psychiatrists, social workers, registered nurses, therapists and other professionals who provide compassionate and exceptional care. We offer mental health treatment for anxiety disorders, eating disorders, psychiatric disorders, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and substance use disorders.

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Schizophrenia Treatment near Plano, TX

Schizophrenia is a chronic condition in which individuals wrestle with uncontrolled thoughts, hallucinations and paranoia. Schizophrenia makes concentrating difficult, so those with the condition often find school and work challenging. Symptoms can even interfere with relationships and self-care.

The treatment of schizophrenia near Plano, TX, begins with psychiatric assessments. Patients with schizophrenia may also be assigned to a registered nurse and social workers for additional professional support. Our multidisciplinary approach includes therapy, medications and addiction treatment for men with dual schizophrenia and substance use disorder.

Treatment for schizophrenia at Alta Loma includes life skills groups, nutrition support and compassionate care coordination.

Treatment for your schizophrenia is just a phone call away. Reach out today to schedule an evaluation with our medical staff.

Young man suffering from Schizophrenia disorder.
Man with two face bipolar disorder concept image.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment near Plano, TX

Individuals with bipolar disorder typically go through mood swings where they experience extreme highs (mania) and extreme lows (depression). Symptoms can interfere with normal functioning and endanger an individual’s life due to risky behaviors.

Treatment for bipolar disorder at Alta Loma starts with a psychiatric assessment. Men admitted to the program benefit from comprehensive care coordination, integrated mental health and addiction treatment, including individual counseling, and a 12-step support program, which can help men with co-occurring substance abuse overcome addiction.

Alta Loma’s bipolar disorder treatment near Plano, TX, includes medication management, which is essential for controlling symptoms and decreasing the frequency of manic and depressive episodes.

Healing the body through healthy eating, engaging in life skills education and adopting strategies for healthy living are necessary for success after leaving the program.

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Personality Disorder Treatment near Plano, TX

Personality disorders include anxiety, avoidant and borderline personality disorders. Individuals with these disorders may experience relationship challenges, fear of abandonment and rejection, low self-esteem and panic attacks. Counseling services and medication can help individuals with personality disorders and substance abuse issues.

Alta Loma’s personality disorder treatment near Plano, TX, includes medication management, individual therapy and life skills groups. In addition, healthy, chef-prepared meals and nutrition support, mentorship and community support groups are part of the integrated services available for men with personality disorders.

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Adult man suffering from personality disorder.
Adult man undergoing Schizoaffective disorder therapy session.

Schizoaffective Disorder Treatment near Plano, TX

Schizoaffective disorder can be either bipolar or depressive. Young adults and adult men with schizoaffective disorder exhibit symptoms of schizophrenia and mood disorders. Manic episodes and depression can occur along with delusional thinking, hallucinations and other symptoms.

Schizoaffective disorder treatment near Plano, TX, requires symptom management through medications and individual and family therapy to help clients and loved ones understand the condition. Substance use can cause the symptoms to be more severe.

Alta Loma prepares men with a dual diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and substance use disorder to achieve wellness through participation in life skills groups, a 12-step support group, healthy living and other support services.

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Substance Abuse Treatment near Plano, TX

Alta Loma’s substance abuse treatment near Plano, TX, begins begins with a call to coordinate outside detox services. This is followed up with individual, group and family therapy to teach strategies for relapse prevention, a 12-step support program and life skills training.

Substance abuse treatment aims to help men stop using and have the community support they need to reduce the risk of relapse and cope with mental health concerns in healthy ways after leaving Alta Loma’s programs.

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Alta Loma is the leading long-term mental health service for men near Plano, TX, giving men treatment options that help them overcome the difficulties of mental illness and addiction including inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient treatment, individual therapy, group therapy, and aftercare planning

Alta Loma is a safe and supportive environment for men. If you or someone you know can benefit from comprehensive mental health services at Alta Loma, visit our website to contact one of our mental health clinicians. You can also call today at 866-457-3843 to get the help you need.

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