If you’re a man experiencing a mental health challenge, you should know that you’re not alone. Over 52 million Americans experience mental health issues yearly, and over 3 million adults in Texas live with a mental illness. Getting mental health care is crucial to leading a healthy, happier life. Men looking for mental health services near The Woodlands TX, can find them at Alta Loma Transformational Services in Georgetown, Texas.

Mental Health Services – The Woodlands, TX

If you or someone you care about is struggling to address your need for mental health, Alta Loma could mean the difference between relapse and long-term recovery

Sad and depressed adult man suffering from mental issues and substance addiction.

Treatment at Alta Loma Transformational Services for The Woodlands, TX

Alta Loma provides mental health services near The Woodlands TX, explicitly geared toward men. Our facilities offer an open and supportive environment where you can freely and courageously confront your complex emotions and learn how to improve your mental health.

We use a continuum of care model for mental health treatment, which means we support men throughout their mental wellness journey. Our professional counselors lead transformational programs to help you get through the worst mental health episodes and maintain good overall mental health even after you finish treatment.

We provide a broad range of treatment options, including online counseling sessions, so that you can take care of your mental health regardless of your life circumstances. Our treatment methods address the top mental illnesses faced by men.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment near The Woodlands, TX

Many people who don’t get treatment for their mental illness often self-medicate to alleviate symptoms. Similarly, many people with substance use disorder (SUD) also struggle with one or more mental illnesses.

Alta Loma is one of the few treatment facilities equipped to treat mental illness alongside addiction. We conduct a dual diagnosis to identify the mental illness co-occurring with your SUD.

You’ll also undergo a transformational treatment process provided by health care and mental health experts. Our approach helps you develop healthy life skills to lower your chances of relapsing after finishing treatment.

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Man at railing and suffering from dual diagnosis.
Adult man showing manic symptom in bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment near The Woodlands, TX

Bipolar disorder affects your mood, causing sudden changes in your thoughts and emotions that make it difficult to control your actions. Bipolar I induces a series of severe manic and depressive phases, while bipolar II causes cycles of mild mania and severe depression. Over 2 million Americans experience symptoms of bipolar disorder.

At Alta Loma, we provide curated treatment plans for bipolar disorder, including psychiatric assessments, medication management and different therapies.

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Schizophrenia Treatment near The Woodlands, TX

Schizophrenia is a mental health condition resulting in people having difficulty thinking clearly and remaining grounded in reality. People with schizophrenia experience psychosis, including auditory hallucinations and delusions about people plotting against them.
Contrary to your belief that is having schizophrenia, many people who have schizophrenia go on to lead happy, healthy, and meaningful lives vs. you will have a lifetime of struggles adjusting to life outside of your hallucinations or delusions.
At Alta Loma, we center an individual on finding the root causes of their Schizophrenia via our long-term men’s focused programs to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Treatment for Schizophrenia is just a phone call away. Call our The Woodlands facility today to schedule an evaluation with our medical staff.

Man suffering from schizophrenia.
Young man suffering from personality disorder.

Personality Disorder Treatment near The Woodlands, TX

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a complex condition that impacts how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. When gone untreated, BPD can wreak havoc in your life. It can tear away healthy relationships, create emotional turmoil, and encourage instability and recklessness.

It’s important to receive the correct diagnosis for borderline personality disorder, as people with BPD are often misdiagnosed due to overlapping symptoms with other illnesses. At Alta Loma, our team specializes in deciphering the underlying elements that all Personality Disorders show, even if they’re hidden.

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Schizoaffective Disorder Treatment near the Woodlands, TX

Effective professional treatment is essential if you or your loved one has schizoaffective disorder, effective professional treatment is essential. This condition is characterized by symptoms of Schizophrenia, episodes and symptoms of Bipolar Disorder or major depression.

At Alta Loma, we go above the norm and know the two most essential components of treatment for Schizoaffective Disorder are medications and therapy. While individual plans will vary to some degree by the client, the best and most effective treatment plans include both elements. Our long-term programs also gear a client for Community Integration and Psychoeducational Classes that enable growth and understanding and tie back to what matters most.   

Schizoaffective Disorder can be a dangerous disorder if left untreated. Don’t go another day alone in The Woodlands – Alta Loma is a short drive away and we can help!

Two adult man conversing during the group therapy session for schizoaffective disorder.

Why Should Men Seek Help for Mental Health Challenges?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, there are two types of mental health problems. Any condition affecting your thoughts, emotions and behavior falls into the Any Mental Illness (AMI) category.

Serious Mental Illness (SMI) is a severe form of AMI that impairs how you function by interfering with your personal and social activities. People with serious mental illness may be unable to bathe, eat or sleep. They may also find it challenging to concentrate on work or other responsibilities.

Statistics show that around 15.8% of men in the United States struggle with AMI, while 4.2% experience SMI. However, only 37.4% of men receive treatment for AMI compared to 51.2% of women, and just 54.9% get help for SMI compared to 69.9% of women. Both types of mental health problems affect people from all walks of life.

Counseling Services Near The Woodlands, TX

The professional team at Alta Loma has years of experience providing mental health services near The Woodlands TX. We accept most major insurances so you can experience the quality care provided at our community on 103 E. 8th St., Georgetown, TX 78626, without worrying about the costs.

Call (866) 457-3843 to learn about available types of care, including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs at our mental health treatment center. Our compassionate specialists are always available to ensure you get the help you need as swiftly as possible.