Art allows thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to rise to the surface in a creative, productive, and purposeful way. It’s no wonder art therapy is commonly used at most addiction rehab centers to help those with substance use and mental health disorders find ways to express themselves and heal. But what happens when you’re done with your program? Here are a few benefits to continuing art as therapy during recovery. 

Continuing Art Therapy After Treatment

One powerful reason to continue using art after rehab can best be described through the SAMHSA’s Substance Abuse Treatment guide (2005), “art therapy is a type of expressive therapy that can help people convey their thoughts and feelings that they may not be able to say with words. This therapy is especially helpful for people who have underlying psychological issues related to their addiction, such as a history of abuse.” 

As mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other types of psychiatric conditions commonly occur concurrently with addiction, art can be a powerful tool to use to express emotions that otherwise would be too difficult to deal with through conventional talk therapy.

Another benefit of continuing art after rehab? It provides a productive way to cope with and understand your addiction. Art therapy can be a great tool for a person to explore aspects of his or her life, especially topics surrounding their addiction, that he or she may not be able to deal with in a traditional way. It’s also a constant reminder to stay true to your sobriety.

Common Methods In Art Therapy:
  1. Using art to begin a discussion: a method allowing art to be used as an introduction into a deeper discussion, or as a tool for the person to explain his or her feelings by having him or her describe the artwork from their perspective.
  2. Using imagination: a method allowing the person to let his or her mind roam in spontaneous free associations, which allows for introspection.
Forms of Art Therapy to Consider Using During Recovery:
  • Painting
  • Writing/Poetry
  • Sculpting
  • Dancing
  • Acting
  • Music
Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Art is a powerful tool to use during your recovery and healing process. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and a mental health disorder, get help now. Both conditions are treated simultaneously as a dual diagnosis for the best results in recovery. Many who get treatment proceed to live healthy, productive, meaningful lives.

If you’re ready to begin taking great strides towards your health and wellbeing, speak with a professional from Alta Loma today. Mental illness should be taken seriously and, if not treated early on, more severe conditions can arise. The best way to promote happiness and health is to seek help – and to begin using effective interventions for treating the problematic symptoms a person is experiencing. Don’t wait any longer to seek the help you need. Please call Alta Loma today – and you’ll be surrounded by a healthcare team who truly cares about your recovery. 866-457-3843