You may want to look for a job that does not increase your anxiety symptoms, but do not know what positions to look for. Do not think that the job needs to be remote in order to ease your anxiety. The best positions for those with anxiety should be one that is flexible in workspace and deadlines.

Writer and Editor

Being a freelance writer can give you the freedom to get your words down to publishers and get paid for it. You can work from home, set your own hours, and negotiate your rate based on experience. Being an editor can also be a good job in checking the work of other talented writers and gaining their respect as they take your word on what needs to be improved. These jobs will help you get practice working with clients and making deadlines.

Social Media Manager

You may be more confident being on social media compared to being surrounded by people. If you already have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, you can help businesses update their social media accounts to gain more clients. You will have the chance to work with people and expand your creativity using text posts, videos, logos, links, etc.

Computer Programmer

Computer programming jobs are another example of jobs that can be done at home. You do not need a degree for this job. You just need to take competency exams for coding language and use your talent in technology to work with computers.

Low-Stress Jobs For High School Diploma Graduates

If you have graduated from high school but have not gone to college, you can do jobs like working with animals. You can train, groom, or walker dogs as well as make your own business for that. You can build a connect with the dogs as well as the owners. You could also be a firefighter if you want to be in public service but are too anxious around people. You would put out fires and save lives. Uber/Lyft/taxi drivers can work their own hours and interact with people for a short time. You can also be a bookstore assistant in which you can stock new books coming into the store as well as find books for other people. By giving any of these low-stress jobs a try, you are not letting your anxiety stop you from making a living and doing good for the world. 

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