Many substances can cause changes in perception and behavior, and those that cause paranoia are said to cause “substance induced psychosis”. When this occurs, both delusions and paranoia may take place; Mental Health America (MHA) defines paranoia as, “…Intense anxious or fearful feelings and thoughts often related to persecution, threat or conspiracy.”

A person with paranoia may believe that someone is “out to get them” – and despite what others tell them to be true, paranoia can lead an individual to believe that irrational thoughts or beliefs are truly happening. There are a number of substances that can cause a person to develop paranoia:

  •    Bath salts – the synthetic cathinone in these drugs can lead to the development of panic attacks, paranoia, hallucinations, violence, suicidal tendencies and more
  •    Cocaine – since this drug affects the central nervous system, it can have disruptive effects and produce symptoms such as paranoia, anxiety, tremors and more
  •    Anabolic steroids – often abused by athletes, a number of psychiatric effects can take place over time – including paranoia, violent behavior and more
  •    LSD – while a person is high on this drug, many people report having a “spiritual experience”; however, if the substance is taken in a distressing environment, paranoia can occur and the overall experience can be quite frightening

Very Well Mind, a website that publishes relevant information related to mental health and wellness, explains that paranoia can take place with substances in a variety of ways. For instance, a person with paranoia may come to believe that those around them are conspiring against them in certain ways; another example may be that certain messages – such as TV advertisements, newspapers, etc., hold special meaning.

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