Medical News Bulletin says that 34 million Americans smoke and that smoking starts typically in a person’s teen years. When youth are encouraged to pick up flavored alternatives like vaping, it can actually increase the number of young smokers. You must abstain from vaping if you used to smoke, as it can increase your chances of relapsing to cigarettes.

Why is it Hard to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that is hard to quit. Many current smokers want to stop, and half of them try every year. Because of nicotine’s “feel-good” effect, you may feel like smoking helps you unwind and relieves stress. The truth is that this feeling is only temporary, and not quitting can lead to disastrous health consequences, including lung disease and cancer.

Previous research has shown that a recent ex-smoker is 50% more likely to relapse to smoking than a long-term ex-smoker. Researchers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse studied whether the use of electronic smoking devices would increase the chances of relapsing for recent and long-term ex-smokers.

What Happened in the Study?

The study used the data that came from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study. Three groups of adult ex-smokers were examined, none of which were using any tobacco products at the beginning of the study. The participants were divided into all ex-smokers, ex-smokers who quit within the past 12 months, and long-term ex-smokers who quit more than 12 months before the study began.

What Were the Results of the Study?

The study showed a much higher risk of relapse for those who used an electronic smoking device. Recent ex-smokers were more likely to relapse than long-term smokers. Recent ex-smokers also gave more reasons for relapsing, like stronger and more frequent cravings and withdrawal symptoms, poor coping behaviors, and being around people who were vaping.

Researchers recommend that health practitioners discourage ex-smokers from using any nicotine products, including electronic devices. To avoid temptations and cravings, stay away from people who vape and don’t pick up vaping, yourself.

Smoking can be a hard habit to quit, especially in the company of electronic cigarettes or vaping. That’s why Alta Loma has the tools to handle your addiction to inhalants through specialized therapists, recreational activities, nutritional courses, CBT, DBT, the 12 steps, and more. For more information, please call us at (866) 457-3843.