Netflix recently released a documentary called “The Pharmacist.” This four-part documentary is about how pharmacist Dan Schneider loses his 22-year-old son, Danny Jr. after he got shot by a drug dealer trying to buy crack in 1999. “The Pharmacist” shows how you can shift your grief into activism to save the lives of others who are victims of the opioid epidemic.

What Dan Schneider Noticed About the Opioid Epidemic

After fighting for justice in finding his son’s killer, Schneider had video recording equipment and was able to notice several people coming into his pharmacy with prescriptions for Oxycontin. This addictive painkiller promoted by Purdue Pharma is believed to be linked with the opioid epidemic and responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. When Schneider saw many young adults from 18-25 coming into the pharmacy with their Oxycontin prescriptions, he thought of his son whose problems with crack were not known before he died. Schneider realized that he was blind to addiction since it was never taught to him at pharmacy school.

How Dan Schneider Used His Detective Skills Towards Youth and Opioids

Since Schneider was concerned about the fate of the youth who would come in with painkiller prescriptions, he decided to take matters into his own hands and see why there is an increase in painkiller prescriptions. He found Dr. Jacqueline Cleggett, who ran a pain management clinic in New Orleans and wrote most of the prescriptions brought to the pharmacy. There would be prescriptions of 40 mg or more of Oxycontin as well as Xanax and Soma. Cleggett was one of the doctors who sold prescriptions for profit. 

How Dan Schneider Took Down Cleggett

Schneider began to caution the youth regarding the dangers of their prescriptions, but they were not listening. From 2000-2001, the abuse of Oxycontin was growing stronger. To fight against the opioid epidemic, he had to stop Cleggett. Schneider collaborated with the FBI, DEA, and other authorities investigating Cleggett. The results lead to the suspension of her medical license, and she later pled guilty to illegally dispensing drugs but was not sentenced to prison. The opioid epidemic may have started as personal for Schneider, but ended up being bigger than what he was going through. Schneider helped make a difference in the fight against the opioid epidemic which shows you can too.

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