We’ve all heard the names that plague the realm of mental illness. “Crazy”, “psycho”, “weird”, “nuts” – it’s unfortunate, but our society has had a difficult time accepting the various mental illnesses that can occur and the symptoms that people deal with on a daily basis. Mental illness is an incredibly serious topic that deserves serious attention – but in many unfortunate cases, our society will put down someone with mental illness before getting understand exactly what that individual is going through. If you’ve been battling symptoms of a mental illness, you’re certainly not “crazy”- in fact, it’s more of a “sane” trait to have the awareness that something is disrupted your daily life and that you may need help!

In 2018, writer Fonda Bryant shared her story of living with mental illness via the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): “I was going on 35 years old, with no clue that I had clinical depression…When I arrived at the psychiatric hospital and called my mom to let her know where I was, the first thing she said to me spoke volumes: ‘You just need to be stronger’.”

Mental Health America (MHA) notes that an estimated 54 million Americans struggle with a mental illness every single year – yet the fear of what we don’t understand has led us to deem those with mental illness as just that – a mental illness, rather than a human being with experiences, skills, hopes and dreams.

If not treated early on, however, the symptoms of mental illness can worsen – and this can make it even more difficult for a person to carry out tasks in daily life. “Craziness” truly has nothing to do with it – each person has unique experiences and challenges that they must overcome, and the best way to support anyone with a mental illness is to understand that they’re not solely their disorder.

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