A 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that men are more likely than women to use drugs, which includes both illegal narcotics and misuse of prescription medications. For men, this usage is more likely to end up in trips to the E.R. and overdose. Men also typically report higher numbers of use or dependence on alcohol.

Men Are Socialized to Showcase Strength

Society socializes men to value appearing strong above all else. Starting in childhood, boys are often told never to show weakness or vulnerability, which makes it difficult for males to reach out for help when they experience loss or mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Shutting down like this can lead to use or abuse of drugs in order to numb negative feelings. 

Football Weighs In 

Fox Sports host Skip Bayless recently condemned Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott for discussing his COVID-related depression that was compounded by his brother’s suicide. Bayless said he did not have sympathy for Prescott’s decision to go public, citing how the football player was viewed as a leader, and publicly admitting to dealing with depression was not leader-like. He stated that Prescott owed men who looked up to him to keep quiet about his depression. Bayless received much blowback for his cruel comments.

Asking for Help Is a Sign of Strength

Dependence on drugs sometimes results from undiagnosed conditions like anxiety and depression. It’s important to seek treatment for both issues. Despite the stereotypes, reaching out for help shows strength, not weakness.


Men are socialized to believe that admitting to problems like depression is not allowed. They are taught to appear strong and as if they can solve all their own problems without assistance. Often, men turn to abusing drugs in order to cope with their emotions, ultimately compounding the problem. When it comes to serious issues like depression and anxiety, it is necessary to seek professional treatment. Alta Loma provides a confidential treatment plan that addresses both mental health and any accompanying addiction or alcoholism. We offer individual and group therapy, life skills, supervised outings, and aftercare that can help men discover their inner strength and emerge ready to manage their lives anew. Alta Loma offers a men-only facility with COVID-19 compliant treatment in a homelike setting in the Austin area. Call (866) 457-3843 today to get started on your journey towards recovery.