Caffeine is commonly associated with anxiety, even in people that are not diagnosed with major or minor anxiety disorders. Caffeine is not a replacement for real sleep and is in no way a replacement for rest, as it does not rejuvenate the mind and body. Using it as a way to increase energy for the day is a cyclic habit that can negatively impact anyone. Unfortunately, it is even more detrimental to those already suffering from anxiety daily.


Anxiety and Caffeine 

Consuming too much caffeine can lead to effects similar to anxiety attacks. Combining caffeine with anxiety disorders can cause these effects to compound into even more intense episodes. Restlessness, increased heart rate, and feelings of nervousness are all common, as is losing sleep, or trouble staying asleep.  


Sleepless Nights 

Caffeine’s connection to insomnia can lead to some of its most detrimental side effects. People suffering from anxiety typically already experience difficulty sleeping. Adding caffeine can make real, restful sleep nearly impossible. Research shows that people who do not get regular sleep experience higher levels of anxiety and depression. Caffeine creates a cycle of use. That is, it denies restful sleep, which leads to exhaustion, causing an individual to need caffeine “pick me ups” to get through the day. This pattern leaves little time or energy for any individual to holistically address their anxiety.  


Coffee, sodas, and energy drinks are all a part of this trap. Each substance actively hinders one’s ability to process their anxieties, even when partaking in an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Limiting or even eliminating caffeine intake can be a difficult first step to addressing the underlying aspects of anxiety. Caffeine’s addictive qualities can make this daily habit challenging to break. Still, it is a worthy goal and can help you overcome anxiety in the long term.  


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