Telling your partner that you have anxiety can be very challenging because of the stigma behind it. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million people have anxiety so there is no reason for anyone to feel inferior for having it. It is important to plan out how to tell your partner and then be honest about your experiences in order to have an honest relationship. 

How Do You Plan When To Talk About Your Anxiety?

It is possible that your partner has noticed something is off about you whether they have noticed you getting shaky or maybe you have had a panic attack in front of them. This could mean that they want to know what is wrong. It is best to tell your partner to meet you at a place where you can be alone and find a good time when none of you are busy. If you feel like your anxiety symptoms will rise because you have no idea how the conversation will go, write everything you want to say down in a letter. You can either read it aloud to them or they can read it instead. This will help organize your thoughts more.

What Should I Say to My Partner About My Anxiety?

You can first warn your partner how hard this is for you and that you would appreciate if they did not say anything while you were talking. That once you are done, they can ask any questions they want. You then can talk in detail about your experiences with anxiety and the symptoms that you develop. This will be much more personal compared to telling your partner to do their own research about it as everyone experiences mental illness differently. You can end the conversation by telling your partner that you would like their support if you need help finding a therapist or anything to better help you manage your anxiety.

How Would My Partner Respond?

Your partner may respond by asking a lot of questions. The more you tell your partner, the more they will know. Let your partner know that the anxiety you are going through is not your partner’s fault and that there may not be a specific cause to it. If your partner is willing to help you on your journey to managing your anxiety, then you know that you picked a good partner.

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