Instagram, a picture-posting social media site, can lead to mindless browsing which can lead to unhealthy use. Instagram is doing all it can to protect the mental health of its users like removing the “likes” button to avoid social comparison and harassment. By learning about how to mindfully use Instagram, you can still post and see the photos of your friends without ruining your mental health.

How Can You Use Instagram With Purpose?

It is normal to browse through your Instagram theme out of boredom, but you can still find a purpose in Instagram. Ask yourself why you made an account in the first place. You may have wanted to be on Instagram to keep up with your friends’ lives. You may also want to receive updates from the world. While it is important to remember your purpose while you are on Instagram, think about the time you are spending staring at a screen compared to actually being with your friends in the real world.

How Can You Make Your Instagram Feel a Positive One?

You can follow accounts that you can learn from that can motivate you instead of making you feel bad about yourself. Anyone who makes you feel less than yourself or makes you question your life should be unfollowed to avoid seeing what they post. There is also a comments control in the settings of the app where you can list words or emojis that you consider offensive, inappropriate, or triggering. Any comments on your posts with those words will be hidden. 

What Can You Do About Triggers on Instagram?

Finding what your triggers are will help you better avoid them. Think about all of the incidents you have experienced that have triggered negative feelings. Write three incidents a week. You can create a table with three columns- what the trigger was, provoked feelings, and unhelpful behaviors that came as a result.

How Can You Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others?

If you are constantly comparing yourself to others based on appearance or pictures of interesting adventures, you will lower your self-confidence. When you experience these feelings, catch yourself so that you realize what you are feeling. Posts are normally about the best parts of people’s lives and not the bad. Protecting your mental health on Instagram will make your social media experience a more positive one.

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