When someone you care about is struggling with addiction, it is our instinct sometimes to nag or lecture them about the importance of getting help. Making a loved one feel terrible about themselves will not motivate them to seek treatment and may have the opposite effect. The best way to convince someone to seek treatment is by speaking to them with compassion and understanding about their struggles.

Show That You Want to Understand Them

If you are nagging or judging your loved one about their addiction struggles, they will think that you are more interested in pointing fingers at them rather than showing you care. It is important to understand that person’s reasoning for using drugs and the emotions behind it. Let that person know you are concerned about their wellbeing if they are struggling with something that is making them think drug use is the only answer or they are afraid of going to rehab. Ask more questions that show your interest. Remember that the goal of this conversation is to try to understand your loved one better. 

Educate Them

Now that you understand the person who has substance abuse disorder better, you can educate them on the right course of action. You can talk to them about what rehab is really like based on the research you have done and tell them facts they did not know about rehab. You can teach them what a normal day of rehab is like as well as the reality of their drug use if they continue. The goal of educating someone you love is to inform them of the tragedies that come with drug use and how vital it is they seek help before they reach rock bottom. 

Let Them Believe It’s Their Decision

Do not make the substance abuser believe that they are going to rehab because you forced them to go. If your loved one thinks they made the final call, they are more likely to get through the challenges of recovery smoothly knowing what to expect. You can do this by asking them questions like how they feel about their drug use, about getting help, and what changes they should make in the future. You can also ask their goals, what steps have they taken in the past to get help, and how rehab will be beneficial to them. By gently confirming what they already know, your loved one will voluntarily check themselves into treatment and a healthy life.


It can be hard to convince a loved one struggling with addiction to choose a sober life. You do not want to anger them or make them turn away. Instead, you should do your best to understand and educate them on their substance abuse and a better way of life through treatment. At Alta Loma, we can teach you all about living a sober lifestyle. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we can equip you with 12-step programs, individualized therapy, coping skills education, therapeutic recreational activities, and more. Please give us a call at (866) 457-3843 to learn more.