It is a great feeling to have a business of your own and being able to answer for yourself. But according to a recent study by UC Berkeley’s Institutional Review Board, 72% of entrepreneurs are struggling with mental health. By using your team as a tool for support and learning that it is okay to fail, you will be a successful entrepreneur in your business.

A Supporting Team

Think about friends, family members, mentors, coaches, or therapists who have been there for you throughout this journey. You may have your ups and downs with controlling your own business, but your team’s job is to make sure that you achieve your dreams. If you feel like a failure, your team will show you how you are not. If you are making bad business deals, your team will call you out on it not to judge you but to help you thrive. If you are flying too high, your team will bring you back to reality.

Set Boundaries

You may possibly feel like your job is never over because you have calls and emails coming in on your days off or when your shift is over. You could be feeling pressure from your friends and family to stay off the phone and spend time with them, but you are still feeling pulled. It is important for you to keep your business life and your personal life separate. This means that you should not take your work home with you. When your shift is over, calls and emails from work should not be answered until business hours as you are entitled to have a life outside of work.

Forgive Yourself for Failing

All of the pressure may feel like it is on you as an entrepreneur to get everything perfect as people are depending on you. It is important to understand that you are only human and all humans make mistakes no matter what their ranking is. Do not let your failures keep you stuck or no work will get done. Instead, learn from your failures so that you will not make them again. Then, those failures will no longer be failures but lessons that life will hit you with to help you learn. By knowing that you have people to lean on when things get tough and giving time for yourself, you will become an entrepreneur you will be proud of.


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