Intrusive thoughts occur in the majority of human beings, but for some, they can be more persistent and troubling. Persistent intrusive thoughts can be especially prevalent if you are currently recovering from addiction. Knowing how to manage these thoughts can help your healing journey and keep you on the path to recovery. Next time you experience intrusive thoughts or find yourself ruminating on a specific one, try these tips to stop them in their tracks.

Intrusive Thoughts Are Not a Reflection of You

First and foremost, it is essential to remind yourself that intrusive thoughts are not a reflection of you. They attach themselves to the things that mean the most to you, so they will be things that go against your values. Just because you have a thought about hurting someone you love, it doesn’t mean you want to. Knowing this can be relieving and help you understand how intrusive thoughts operate.

Acknowledge Them

Trying to suppress or avoid intrusive thoughts will only make them stronger. Instead, acknowledge their presence and allow yourself to accept them. Doing this will take away their meaning and keep you from obsessing over them.

Don’t Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill

Intrusive thoughts shouldn’t be taken seriously but rather acknowledged and allowed to move on. The more you try to make sense of them, the more significant impact they will have on you. Don’t try to find the deeper meaning and instead move on with your life.

Don’t Be Afraid

Intrusive thoughts are normal, even in those that do not have mental health disorders. They are a normal part of the human experience and should not make you feel afraid. Instead, acknowledge them and tell yourself they will go away soon. It is important to remember that any physical symptoms accompanying the thoughts will also go away; this should help ease your fear in the long run.

Intrusive thoughts are normal, passing thoughts that you shouldn’t fear. However, they can be distressing for those that do not know how to manage them. It is essential to realize that they are not a reflection of you and that you shouldn’t fear them. Alta Loma Transformational Services works with men to help them overcome mental health symptoms and recover from addiction. We are experts at coping with intrusive thoughts and learning to lead healthy, happy lives in recovery. Call us today and start your healing journey at (866) 457-3843.