Summer is over and a new season has started. Maybe you have gone back to school or it is another business season and you are feeling stressed. It is important to be in check with your mental health this fall to avoid your mental illness symptoms going out of control.

Pay Attention

You may have your head filled with thoughts about all of the obligations and tasks you need to deal with. It is important to just focus on what is happening to you right now. Instead of thinking of all of the things that you have to do, prioritize what needs to be done right now. Look at your emails and organize them by high priority of what to answer and certain tasks to get done. You can even write down in a note things to get done only for the next day instead of thinking of the whole week to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Slow Down

We are used to relaxing in the summer since that is supposed to be vacation time, but we keep thinking now it is time to speed things up when your vacation is over. It is important to slow yourself down instead of doing everything in a rush. Take a few minutes to sit down and think things over. It helps to breathe deeply in and out and focus on your breath. Remember that we do not have to get everything like the clock is ticking. It is important to live like we have all of the time in the world to get through our life’s to-do list.

Celebrate Small Wins

It is important to feel like every season is filled with accomplishments. While summer and spring may feel like seasons where you feel alive and can have fun, the same can be said for fall. We may feel down on ourselves when we do not get everything done when we want, but we need to think more about the small things we got to accomplish. It can be a time when you did a good deed for someone or gave someone advice that they thanked you for. Use every small win as a victory of its own. Every time that someone tells you that they love you should be a win. By keeping your mental health in check this fall, you will be more in control of your life and be much happier. 

Located in Georgetown, Texas, Alma Loma is a transformative living center to help those struggling in early recovery to transition out of our Psychiatric and Substance Abuse residential center. Alma Loma believes that addiction is born from an untreated mental illness in which our facility is willing to help you. Our facility offers residency, medication management education, individualized treatment, life skills education, 12-Step support, and more tools to bring patients the confidence to be able to live an independent life. For more information, please call us at 866-457-3843.