Your mental health professional or doctor will try to prescribe you medicine based on past medications you have tried, family history of mental illness, and more. It is possible that you have tried this brand new medication prescribed to you and you feel like nothing is happening. By knowing how to tell if your medication is working for you, you will know whether or not to tell your mental health professional to try out a different kind that will work for you.

Mental Health Symptoms Worsen or Stay the Same

The reason that people take medication is to lessen their symptoms and prevent them from interfering with your life. If you have developed new or worsening symptoms, this antidepressant is not the one for you. Maybe the medication is having no effect on you at all. It could be that you were misdiagnosed with a mental illness that you do not have that can trigger episodes with this medication. Before you make any changes to your medication, it is best to speak to your doctor about it. If you cannot reach your doctor, you can go to the nearest emergency room and ask them what to do.

Trouble Sleeping

Antidepressants tend to make an impact on how you sleep such as how you sleep, what you dream about, etc. If you have been feeling very sluggish after taking your antidepressants where you have to drink a lot of coffee to stay away, these are not the right antidepressants for you. The same can be said if you are not getting enough sleep at all.

Unbearable Side Effects

It may be normal to experience side effects from antidepressants like diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, decreased libido, dizziness, weight changes, and insomnia. If you feel like you cannot tolerate these side effects or they are not going away when you are on a steady dosage, you should speak to your doctor about switching medications. Side effects may be normal, but they should not be interfering with your daily life. 

Feeling More Apathetic

Antidepressants may accomplish making you less depressed, but they should not be making you feel less motivated. It is not common for psychiatric medications to dull your emotions. By keeping in mind how your antidepressants are making you feel and whether anything seems abnormal, speak to your doctor about switching your medication so that you can find one that works for you.


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