Many men in our society feel like if they are struggling with a mental illness, it makes them less masculine and some myths are stopping men from seeking the help they need. By recognizing that the myths behind treatment for mental health are not true, you will be more motivated and equipped to take control over your symptoms.

Myth #1- We Are in Control of Our Emotions

Men are conditioned to believe that they have more control over their emotions than women do. They believe that there can never be any issues with their feelings. In reality, gender has nothing to do with how well you can handle your feelings. It is important to know that all genders have struggled with their feelings and sometimes do not know what to do with them. Even if you feel you have control over your emotions, it does not mean that you are not struggling on the inside.

Myth #2- Mental Illness is a Sign of Weakness

A mental illness is as much a medical condition as if you were developing bronchitis, kidney stones, or any other kind of physical illness. If you broke your arm and knew you had to seek medical treatment to make it better, the same goes for a mental illness. If having a physical illness is not considered a weakness, then neither is a mental illness. We see doctors for a diagnosis and a checkup for a physical illness or injury. The same goes if you make an appointment to see your therapist for a wellness checkup.

Myth #3- You Can Manage On Your Own

Men often feel like self-sufficiency is what makes them masculine. Sharing their struggles or asking for help for a certain situation makes them feel inferior to “strong men.” Not seeking help can be just as dangerous as letting an injury or a physical illness go bad. It can lead to mental breakdowns or reckless decisions as a result of not doing anything to treat it. Even if you feel like you are capable of managing on your own, there is never anything wrong in asking for help or sharing your concerns with someone. These mental health myths are hurting men into thinking they are weak if they have a mental illness or want to seek help for it. True masculinity is not hiding away from your mental health problems but recognizing and fixing them through healthy methods.

Men feel like they cannot get quality care for their mental health problems because of the stigmas that are placed around them. They feel like admitting you have a mental illness is a weakness instead of seeing it as a cry for help. At Alta Loma, we understand why you feel the need to hold back from your feelings. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we can help you feel at home and secure in talking to someone. We can provide you with individualized therapy, medication management, life coping skills education, and more. Please call us at (866) 457-3843 to learn more.