Vaping is a more discreet way of experiencing a pleasurable high as it does not smell like cigarettes or pot. Vaping fluids come in hundreds of flavors and can be easily concealed in a customizable vape pen. Paul Lubell tried vaping as a way to avoid chronic pain, but instead learned about the dangers of vaping the hard way after being hospitalized by it.

Lubell’s Chronic Pain

Retired Navy veteran Paul Lubell was suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain in his back, knees, and neck. He is not sure when the problems started, but he assumes it was during his days when he would jump out of a Navy rescue helicopter and smack into the water. He has had two back surgeries and serious neck pain. He tried opioids like Hydrocodone, but the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center has no longer allowed patients to use that drug after revising its plan. Lubell started using an electronic cigarette device with prefilled THC cartridges. After vaping, his pain went away. He felt like he was capable of doing his daily activities with vaping and felt comfortable vaping on the streets since there was no stigma attached to it like marijuana.

Lubell’s Hospitalization

A few months after Lubell started vaping, he developed a high fever and consistent cough and went to Cleveland VA Medical Center. Despite being on antibiotics, he was continuing to have fevers. When Lubell seemed to be doing well, he went back to the emergency room again when he went back to vaping. His doctor saw a new alert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about vaping illness and Lubell saw reports in the media about vaping-related health problems. The doctors took Lubell off the antibiotics and started him on steroids.

Road to Recovery

Even though vaping helped Lubell with his pain, he did not think it was worth developing respiratory problems. He feels like there is too much about vaping products that people do not know about. Lubell turned over his vaping equipment and leftover THC cartridges to health officials for analysis. Even though some patients believe that marijuana helps their pain, there is not enough research to prove that it is effective. Lubell’s story can teach others how important it is to prioritize your health if a particular product is damaging it and to find more healthy ways of treating pain that will not kill you.

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