You may be scared to tell your new love interest that you have a mental illness or substance abuse disorder. You may be confused when to tell, if to tell, or if they will be scared away no matter what. The best way to have an honest relationship with someone is to be honest about all of your conditions so that the two of you can work on it together.

Honesty About Substance Abuse Disorders

Some people with substance abuse disorder normally want to share their experiences right away to avoid having to meet at a bar, share a beer, or have a toast. Instead of telling that person on the first date, this should be information put on your dating profile. This way, potential dates know what they are getting into and might be inspired that you are going into treatment instead of letting your problems grow worse. If you are too embarrassed to let people know you are in recovery, you should not be dating until you are more comfortable with yourself.

Honesty About Behavioral Changes

When you are becoming more serious with someone, it is time to let your date know about the behavioral changes your mental illness brings you. For example, people with bipolar disorder experience extreme mood swings even when they are taking their medication. You can let your partner know that high-stress levels bring about mood swings. This way, your partner knows that this is not personal. 

How to Know If You Can Trust Your Partner with Your Mental Illness

One of the signs you can trust your partner is if they are being judgmental towards everyone around them. Listen to the way they speak about their family, friends, colleagues, and past colleagues. If they sound bitter about them and expect perfection out of everyone, they are not good for you. You can also talk to your partner about mental health news that appears on TV or on online news outlets. You can learn a lot about someone based on how they react to these issues. You can also share something mildly personal with your partner and see how they react. Mental illness is nothing to be embarrassed about. Tell your date when you are ready and make sure this person is supportive. A positive partner will be understanding about your mental health, sensitive towards your needs, and be encouraging during your recovery.

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