It is a commonly held belief that a clean room helps one maintain a healthy mind, but what happens when you can’t find the energy to keep your space neat and organized? Many individuals that find themselves unable to keep their space tidy, watching the dirty dishes and unwashed clothes pile up, may seem lazy to others.

However, there is often an underlying reason for a messy room that can’t seem to be picked up. Messy rooms are one of the many ways depression can manifest itself, and understanding the link between depression and messiness can help those struggling get help.

The Paradigm

When your room or house is messy, how does it make you feel? For most people, messiness harms their emotions, making them feel anxious and depressed.

However, even though messiness can cause these negative feelings, individuals who struggle with depression may struggle to find the energy to clean their space. Therefore, the messy area causes depression, but the person cannot clean the room because of their depression. This is the paradox that leads to more trouble.

It is not uncommon for individuals that struggle with depression to have a messy room.

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Learning How to Clean When Depressed

Cleaning a messy room can be overwhelming to an individual with depression. The longer the space is cluttered, the worse the person often feels because they associate the messiness with themselves. If their room is a mess, then they must be a mess of a person. Separating these two ideas can be a significant first step towards organizing your room.

Once you put your mind towards cleaning, remember that you don’t have to clean the entire space at once. Instead, start by cleaning in 30-second intervals. Choose a spot or task that you want to get done, and organize or clean it for 30 seconds. Little by little, you will be able to do more at a time and have a cleaner room, making you feel better as a whole.

It is not uncommon for individuals that struggle with depression to have a messy room. It often stems from having a lack of energy to clean the space, but the person may also feel guilty that they have a messy room. Learning to take baby steps can help you begin to clean your space and help you feel better. However, it is crucial to understand that depression is a serious disorder that requires professional help. Alta Loma Transformational Services offers mental health and addiction services for men struggling. To start recovery, call our facility at (866) 457-3843.