Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone needs a hug once in a while. It can be a great source of comfort not just if you are feeling happy about something, but if you need to hold onto someone when times get tough. A recent study has shown that hugs can do wonders for their mental health

Stress Prevention

A recent study investigated if hugs have a soothing effect despite any conflicts you may encounter after. The research discovered that those who received hugs were less affected by any conflicts that came after than those who did not receive hugs. The gender of the people hugging played no role in the results as well as their relationship with each other. One of the authors of the study, Michael Murphy, Ph.D., says that being able to touch someone can deactivate the part of the brain that responds to threats. When you hug someone, your cardiovascular system will receive less stress.

Immune System Benefits

Another study shows that huggling can help keep the doctor away. Participants were monitored who were exposed to a common virus in quarantine to look at the signs of illness. The result concluded that those who had social support from others and were hugged more had less-severe signs of illness. The study showed that after feeling threatened or stressed, your immune system may act more aggressively. Having an overaggressive immune system can cause damage to your body which can lead to easy exposure to illness. Hugs may not be the cure to illnesses but can help make that person feel better as you are informing the receiver to feel safe and are cared for. 

Reduce Fears and Makes You Happier

The Association for Psychological Science says that hugging can reduce anxiety for those with low self-esteem. Just one touch can keep someone from feeling isolated. That is why children tend to cuddle with an inanimate stuffed animal to reduce fears of any nightmares they may encounter in their sleep. People who are hugged often can also have higher oxytocin which is considered the “cuddle hormone.” Hugging someone is what people do to express happiness or make the other person happy. Nothing should get worse from a hug. By hugging your friends and family when you are saying hi or goodbye to them will make you feel better and can make the receiver feel just as happy.

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