Whether you or someone you know has experienced anxiety, understanding the physical symptoms can help identify when this feeling is present. While anxiety can cause physical and psychological symptoms to appear, knowing the physical symptoms can help you spot someone who needs help or realize that you need help. The symptoms of anxiety can often be brushed off as other issues, but knowing what you are struggling with can help you relieve your symptoms quicker. 

Rapid Heartbeat

When you experience anxiety, you may begin to feel your heart rate increasing. This increase is known as heart palpitations, which can cause you to feel as though your heart is racing, beating harder, or even skipping a beat. However, these tend to fade quickly and are often not cause for concern.


Anxiety can cause you to feel overly worried, causing your thoughts to race from one to the other. Racing thoughts can result in feelings of lightheadedness and dizziness. You may also experience headaches.

Difficulty Breathing

On top of a rapidly beating heart, you may find yourself breathing more shallowly and experiencing shortness of breath. However, this usually occurs in more severe panic attacks.

Problems With Digestion

If you have experienced anxiety over an extended period, you have most likely noticed that your digestion patterns change. This change occurs because your stomach can express anxiety through nausea, discomfort, diarrhea, and constipation. 

Feeling “On Edge”

Have you ever noticed that you are more prone to snapping at people when you feel anxious? This “on edge” feeling is a common symptom of anxiety that often comes across as irritability. It may also cause you to fidget more, and your hands may shake or tremble. It is more evident in some people than others.

Excessive Sweating

Experiencing extreme sweating is a common symptom of anxiety, especially if you have anxiety about sweating, which can make it worse. However, there are ways to help this symptom, such as engaging in coping methods.

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