The CDC reports that between 1999-2016, suicide rates in the U.S. rose nearly 30%. Mental health conditions often contribute to why a person dies by suicide. Other reasons include financial problems, relationship issues, health concerns, and substance use. 

Suicide Survivors

Harvard Medical School states that each time a person dies by suicide, they leave behind an average of six or more “suicide survivors.” This term includes close family members and friends of the person who died. These individuals are left with many difficult emotions related to the cause of their loved one’s death. They may experience guilt about how they weren’t aware that someone they love was in such dire emotional shape or considering suicide. Additionally, it is common for suicide survivors to have guilt over not being able to stop the suicide. Many experience feelings of anger at the person who died, or feel abandoned by them. 

Dealing With Shame and Grief

Suicide survivors often find dealing with their grief more complex than expected. Shame from how their loved one died can occur, as well as the negative light some religions cast on dying by one’s own hand. Families may differ in opinions on whether to reveal the cause of death to others, leading to quarrels.

Reaching Out for Help

It’s important for suicide survivors to know they are not alone. Talking to other survivors in their family or circle of friends can help everyone share their grief. If the grief is overwhelming and an individual experiences trouble moving past it, it’s important to seek help through a support group or professional treatment. 


When a loved one dies by suicide, they leave behind suicide survivors. It’s difficult enough to lose a person you care about, but the grief process is compounded by the extra hardship of mourning a loss by suicide. Alta Loma is a transformational service center that treats mental illness, alcoholism, and addiction in a cozy, ranch style home near Austin, Texas. Our men-only treatment center offers a respite from dealing with issues that have become overwhelming, allowing our residents to focus on managing their mental illness and any accompanying alcohol or substance abuse. We can help a person cope with problems like anxiety and depression before they spiral out of control, which can put them at risk of suicide. Call Alta Loma today  at (866) 457-3843 to find out how we can help you reclaim your mental health and live the life you deserve.